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What’s in the Summer Wellness Pack?

summer juicing ebook

2024 edition

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Juice Fasting A Foodies Guide Book Cover

4 x 500ml emotive sports bottles

love, peace, joy, health

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4 ice cream moulds with sticks

red & yellow

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Juice Chef - Cold Press Juice Recipe Book

2 x reusable travel cups

black & blue

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Juice Fasting A Foodies Guide Book Cover

32 cm large bottle brush


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Summer Juicing eBook

What foods to Juice in SUMMER?

Juice anything is the obvious answer as summer is a great time to be drinking more cold pressed juice, however if you what to align with the energy of the season then Bitter and Sweet are the flavours of summer.


Because they help the body deal with the effect of the hot summer sun.

Bitter has a cooling and descending energy that can reduce excess heat (think about lettuce, kale, asparagus, and bitter melon). Bitter flavours can ease inflammation, reduce swelling, and also encourage weight loss.

The bitter flavour also removes plaque from arteries (especially grapefruit) which helps lower blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol.

If you are not of big fan of bitter flavour, then make sure you add some extra sweetness as you will still get all the benefits without the taste.

The second important flavour of summer is Sweet.

Sweet provides the much-needed glucose energy to our cells and, simultaneously, has a slowing and relaxing effect, think about squash, pumpkin, capsicum, beetroot and of course all the amazing fruits on offer during summer.


Happy Summer Juicing,

Gary Dowse
Juice Chef

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