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Kuvings SV400 Blender

High Powered Vacuum Blender


World’s Healthiest Blender

Less Oxidation. More Nutrition.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum blending mode
  • Noise reduction cover
  • Super strong power motor
  • Self Cleaning mode
  • Soup mode
  • 12 month warranty on the motor
  • Made in Korea (since 1978)
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    SV400 4th Generation – Pro Vacuum Blender (grey)

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What is a Vacuum Blender?

It’s a high speed blender capable of making all you favourite smoothies, dips and sauces but done without mixing air in the jug. 

A traditional blender creates lots of foam by blending air with the ingredients, reducing color, clarity and starting the oxidation process.


How does a Vacuum Blender work?

Removes the air from the jug before blending the ingredients. Traditional blending quickly separates the water and pulp as air bubbles attach to fibers.  

Vacuum blending minimizes contact between air and ingredients, keeping the original taste, flavor and more nutrients.


Special Features

SV500M Lid

Vacuum Blending

It preserves color and nutrients by preventing ingredients from
contacting air and enriches the natural taste of fresh ingredients.

SV500M Lid

Noise Reduction

It minimizes noise caused by High-Power and Speed Blending
by applying an Vacuum & Noise Reduction Cover.

SV500M Lid

Super Strong Motor

The Strong Motor rotating Blades blend ingredients finely to enhance taste with 7 years full warranty. 

SV500M Lid

3D Steel Blades

3D-Moving System with 6 Blades rotating tridimensionally enables deep blending.

SV500M Lid

Auto Blend Function

Even a Beginner can make all kinds of juice and smoothie with the Auto-Blending Function.

SV500M Lid

Motor Protection

With a motor protection sensor preventing overheating of the motor, it automatically prevents overload of ingredients and provides a safer feature.

SV500M Lid

Air Cooling System

The heat discharging structure emits heat caused when blending outside the Body, enabling consecutive use.

SV500M Lid

Personalized Recipes

By using the variable speed dial (setting of 1 – 10), manually set the speed from 2,000RPM to 20,000RPM to make desired recipes.

The Magic of a Vacuum

Better taste and maximum nutrition

Optimal vacuum conditions are created which prevents ingredients from oxidizing, preserves the colours, flavours, and nutrients of the ingredients.

One-touch auto buttons

Easy to operate with ON/OFF, Pulse, Clean, Soup, Manual Mode, Vacuum Only, Vacuum & Blend, Blend Only

Manual Controls

Adjust the RPM speed, quick pulse and auto pulse mode, friction heating mode and cleaning mode are all at your finger tips.

Safety lock structure

Safety sensor that operates only when the jug perfectly sits in the main body. Makes the product safe. LED lights and buzzer indicate blender is ready to blend.

Noise Shield

Noise shield reduces vibration and noise caused by high speed blending for quiet use in the home. Easy lift circular handle on top of the cover.

Quiet Operation

The blending noise is minimized with the removable noise reduction cover.
With the average sound level in the 75dB range, a conversation can still be carried while the bender is in use.

Smoother, Richer Colours

Soup Function – 6min 30sec

Heat generated by high-speed rotation can be cooked up to 75 degrees of material to warm up a variety of dishes such as soups and sauces.

Also, after blending the material, you don’t need to heat it separately, so you can easily create warm food with one blender.

Benefits of Vacuum Blending

Keeps it Fresher Longer

Ingredients blended in the vacuum blender will maintain freshness for a longer time.
By preventing contact with air, oxidation of your ingredients can be slower.

Vitamin C Comparision

Blending in a vacuum increases the remaining amount of vital nutrients.

Vitamins, phytochemicals and plant nutrients that are easily destroyed through oxidation, can be preserved using vacuum blending technology.

KUVINGS SV400 Blender

More Nutrient, Better Taste.


Key Features:


  • Vacuum blending mode
  • Noise reduction cover
  • Super strong power motor
  • Self Cleaning mode
  • Soup mode
  • 12 month warranty on motor (jugs not covered under warranty)

SV400 Product Reviews

Excellent product with quality of smoothies and blended food being first class. Great technology giving results better than any blender I have ever owned.


Definitely a great addition as you may want to save half of your blended item for the next day, for me being single, the soup making option is absolutely fantastic, I can make raw substances with some spices and herbs and make a really great healthy soup and save half for the next day. Awesome and time saving way of cooking given it heat it up but doesn't cook it which preserves the nutrients in the ingredients.


This is definately one of the best blenders I have ever owned, it is powerful and does everything that they claim it does. Just one thing I was a little disappointed in and that was the expectation that the noise reducing cover didn't really reduce the noise by much and is still very noisy, but in saying that, you can expect with a powerful motor that this would be expected. Other than that as it is such a great blender I can live with that. Good if we could relay this back to the designer/manufacturer to see if there is a way to improve the noise reduction through utilising different materials for the cover.


Packs a big health punch with delicious drinks. It makes short work of my green smoothies, blending kale, apple, mint, ginger and melon so perfectly that it all tastes great - and I hate kale normally. And as for pineapple, grapes and strawberries, it's liquid nirvana.


Absolutely love it! It really should have more than 5 stars. We have had a variety of different blenders over the years - this one is hands down the best - it might cost a little more, but its worth it ! The biggest issue is which colour to get - I wanted the red , my wife the grey - we got the grey of course!


This is an amazing product - so easy to use & clean ! Enjoying our morning smoothies so much more these days!


I’ve been making smoothies everyday since it arrived and enjoying getting creative with ingredient combinations. Already I can feel the benefits to my health….more energy, better focus, clearer complexion and has calmed my digestive issues.

It’s a great way to get lots of veggies (and fruits, nuts and seeds in moderation) in my diet whilst still retaining all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre.

The vacuum tumblers are a fantastic idea. I always make a double batch and just keep the rest in the fridge for later. Saves time and the smoothie looks and tastes just the same as it did when I made it with no separation of ingredients. I also own the EVO820 cold press juicer and make a big batch of juice and use the ‘vacuum only’ option to store my juice in the tumblers. I then have fresh juice on hand. Sometimes I use that cold press juice as the liquid component in my smoothies instead of water or milk.

The SV400 is compact and sits on my kitchen bench under my overhead cupboards perfectly so it’s always ready to use. The smoothie produced is the perfect consistency with no lumpy bits or excessive frothing. Although I love my cold press juicer, the SV400 gives me the option to get more of the whole food (ie fibre) in my diet. Cleaning is quick and easy.

Can’t wait to make nut butters and milk….also soups now that winter is approaching!


We had previously purchased another high-end blender, that stopped working after less than 10 uses, so we decided to try this blender. We’re very happy with our decision. It’s a great blender! We mostly use it to make smoothies from the recipe booklet that’s included. The strawberry coconut shake is delicious! Using the vacuum blender gives smoothies a velvety texture that our previous high-end blender did not do. It’s very easy to clean with hot water and few drops of dish soap. It looks nice, but is bigger than most blenders because of the vacuum cover. It’s a bit loud too, but that’s a minor con considering the great results.


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