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Triple C – Immune Boosting Juice Recipe

by | Aug 8, 2022 | Boost Immunity Juice


The name of this juice recipe, Triple C, is not just for the 3 ingredients Capsicum, Celery, and Cucumber, it also represents the triple vitamin C content you get from these three ingredients to help boost your immune system.

As a straight veggie juice, I found this recipe is very easy to drink, it is super hydrating (you get lots of juice), and the taste is deliciously sweet.


    • 3 capsicums, red
    • 3 celery stalks
    • 1 cucumber

Juicing Time: 3 mins
Juice Qty: 800 ml
Serves: 2



    • Remove the green stems
    • Cut into halves or quarters to fit in the wide chute
    • Remove excess seeds (you can juice them)


    • Cut into chunks to fit down the chute
    • Juice with skin on


    • Chop into small thumb size pieces across the stalks (this shortens the long stringy cellulose fibre and stops it wrapping around the press)
    • You can juice celery leaves, however it will add bitterness, so discard if you don’t like this



A super easy juice to make and you get lots of it!

Juice the capsicums first. They juice easily just add them in one by one.

Next juice the cucumber pieces. Drop in one piece at a time and let the juicer press each piece through before adding more pieces.

Finally, juice the celery. Add in handfuls at a time.


Tip: Which coloured capsicum to juice? Well, actually green capsicums turn yellow then orange then red. They are all the same capsicum just less ripe when picked. The darker the red the better the flavour and the best for immune-boosting nutrition.

Health Benefits

Category: Immune Boosting


Capsicums are often overlooked when juicing yet they offer an impressive nutritional profile, lots of fresh juice and a wonderful, sweet juicy flavour. Technically a fruit but used as a vegetable in cooking and juicing. Juice red, orange, yellow and green ones in different combinations for different flavours.

Capsicums contain an impressive amount of vitamin C with up to as much as six times as oranges. Because muscle tissue drinks up vitamin C, helping it process carnitine, a fatty acid that’s essential to muscle growth and recovery, capsicum actually helps build muscle.

They are also packed with vitamin A and beta carotene which can help boost the immune system, improve vision, and help protect the eyes against cataracts.

Green bell peppers are technically an “unripe” pepper. Even though green peppers are edible, the red, orange, and yellow bell peppers contain significantly higher levels of vitamins, mineral, and antioxidants.


Celery is technically a herb however we eat it and cook it like a vegetable.

Celery juice is very alkalising in the body, which is extremely important after a good workout to help flush lactic acid from the body.

If you want to learn about the amazing benefits of drinking celery juice I highly recommend the book titled Celery Juice by Anthony William.

Here is a summary of the main benefits mentioned in the book:

  • fights autoimmune disease
  • flushes out Strep bacteria
  • assist with acid reflux
  • kills Epstein-Barr & Shingles virus
  • raise hydrochloric acid levels
  • improve brain function
  • restores adrenal fatigue
  • flushes out liver toxins
  • reduces liver heat


Cucumber juice is highly alkalinizing and very hydrating. When your blood is well hydrated it can carry more oxygen which increases energy levels, kills bacteria and viruses and improves circulation.

Cucumbers can counteract toxins and lift depression; cleanse the blood; quench thirst, moisten the lungs, and purify the skin.

Cucumber juice also cools most inflammatory or heat-related conditions, including stomach inflammation, conjunctivitis, sore throat, acne, and inflamed skin diseases. Hence the saying cool as a cucumber.

Cucumbers are also allies to the liver due to their ability to hydrate it. Your liver’s always in need of living water that’s filled with minerals and other nutrients because your liver keeps your blood hydrated. It relies on sources such as cucumber for that living water.

Plus you get lots of juice without any calories.

Gary Dowse

Gary Dowse

Kuvings Master Juice Chef


Gary is passionate about juicing and plant-based nutrition. He is certified in natural juice therapy and whole food plant-based nutrition. He enjoys teaching people about the preventative and restorative healing powers of drinking more raw juice and eating a whole food plant-based diet through his books and online courses.

Disclaimer: information contained in this post is for educational purposes only, sourced from various books and websites. If you do anything recommended without the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, you do so at your own risk. The author, Gary Dowse, does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.

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