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list of sprouts and what they look like

Did you know that these unassuming, tiny little microgreens are PACKED FULL OF HEALTHY GOODNESS? And, what’s more… you can juice them!!!

If you are a fan of Medical Medium (Anthony William) then you might have heard him rave about how amazing these little guys are?

If you haven’t, then please allow me to share some of his wisdom… 😊

Packed full of Healthy Goodness

Sprouts are…

  • High in mineral salts, which ultimately helps our body carry messages around.
  • Good at pulling heavy metals out of the brain and in helping rejuvenate neurons, which is great for reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain fog and memory loss.
  • Packed with over 60 trace minerals, including iron, iodine, selenium, zinc, copper, manganese, sulphur, magnesium, chromium and molybdenum.
  • Supportive and help fend off infection and unwanted cell growth (such as cancer).
  • Great for giving you elevated biotics which is critical to gut health and production of vitamin B12.

Sprouts help you adapt; they are good with CHANGE!

“Sprouts and microgreens are highly adaptogenic – which means, they adapt and help us adapt to external stressors by strengthening our internal systems. They don’t demand the perfect environment to grow. Even though in other circumstances these seeds would be given ample soil, space, sunlight, rain, and fresh air to take root and rise up to their fullest, when they’re cultivated in countertop gardens, they manage to grow crowded together in a jar or tray with just enough light and water to survive. All it takes is a little routine (sprouts need regular rinsing, and microgreens need regular misting), for these shoots to adapt to their circumstances. And they do so happily—if sprouts and microgreens had faces, you’d see a smile on each one.”

~extract from Medical Medium – Life Changing Foods by Anthony William

So, if you want some help to ‘ADAPT’ to this ever-changing world, maybe look to add a variety of sprouts to your daily routine.

Grow them or buy them – but just EAT THEM!

Once you have them, it is super easy to get them into your diet on a daily basis, here’s a few of the ways we use them:

  • To top a healthy salad
  • On a Buckwheat Cake with avocado, cucumber, tahini/tomato, peanut butter
  • In a wrap or sandwich
  • Sprinkled on a Nori wrap with banana (from Medical Medium)
  • Sprinkled on pasta, risotto, or a soup
  • Juice them – Apple Sprout Juice

Have fun exploring all of the ways to get these delicious microgreens into your daily routine.