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Kuvings Testimonials

by Kuvings Customers

Kuvings Testimonials

Yes we think we make the BEST machines… but, don’t just take our word for it. Read the Kuvings Testimonials and see what customers are saying.

replacement parts

when celery juicing this morning the bowl and tube of my Revo830 chipped.
i rang Kuvings and a representative i spoke to said that these parts would be replaced under warranty.
the representative was very helpful and also gave handy tips on how to use the juicer for celery juicing.
many thanks Kuvings for your excellent service.

Daniel Seeto
November 24, 2023

Why did I wait so long?

Why did I wait to long? The quietest, fastest, most juiciest juicer ever. Just adore this investment I made in my families health.

Toni de Beer
June 19, 2023

I had reservations about spending

I had reservations about spending so much on a juicer but the proof is in the pulp. I’ve never seen so much juice extracted with almost no pulp. If you intend on juicing regularly, get this juicer!!

April 17, 2023

Complete Lifechanger!

After a very bad experience in the past few weeks with purchasing and trying to return a cheaper brand juicer, I decided that I needed to spend a bit more and get something that was really going to live up to my expectations. After literally watching every review I could find on the internet over the past few days, I made the decision that the Revo 830 was the one for me. Even though I knew it was going to be good because of the reviews, it has completely blown me away. Stylish on the benchtop, easy to assemble, quiet to use, easy to clean. The pulp is dry and the juice yield is amazing. I love that it chops up the carrots and celery and fits whole apples through the chute so it saves so much time on prepping. I’m about to go into a 28 day juice cleanse and this is going to make it so easy. Thank you Kuvings. Wish I’d bought this the first time around and not wasted $$$$$$ on other brands.

Lin Taylor
March 19, 2023

Loving my new Kuvings juicer

I’m super happy with my gorgeous looking E8000 red juicer! I originally opted for a cheaper juicer but I quickly realised the amount of dollars I was throwing in the bin with the excess fruit and vegetable waste. It really does add up very quickly especially with escalating prices at the fruit and veg store, so it was a no brainer to get the Kuvings with its super efficient crushing action and very dry, minimal waste. It doesn’t take very long at all before you’ve paid for your Kuvings machine with the efficient processing of vegies etc.. I couldn’t be happier … just wish I hadn’t wasted my time with the cheap juicer in the first place. Thank you!

Phillipa Kelly
January 30, 2023

Thank you

Thank you so much, the knife block is excellent! Thank you also for the lovely surprise of including a box of silicone cup and bowl covers. We have never used them before and just love them! It was very generous of you. Will definitely recommend you and shop with you again.

Jenni Chalker
January 11, 2023

I love using my new juicer

I love using my new juicer and use it daily. It is so easy to use.

Love that it has an instrument to help unscrew the lid after juicing. What a brilliant idea.

The videos are helpful and I love the recipe suggestions too. I am going to enjoy juicing for a long time thanks to Kuvings.

Thanks heaps, this is a welcome addition to my kitchen.

Kim P
November 10, 2022


This product is the very best I have ever used.
Easy to follow instructions, instantaneous response from the machine, yoghurt perfect after 8 hrs, set, smooth and thick.
I can not hope to describe the luxurious taste .
I recommend this product to anyone who loves their yoghurt.

Pamela Gail Ferrier
November 7, 2022

Fantastic Juicer

I have been an avid juicer for many years.
I own several high-end masticating and twin gear juicing machines.
The REVO830 takes the crown!
It looks great on my kitchen bench, but more importantly the quality of juice produced by this machine is fantastic! Very smooth and enhances the flavour of the produce.
Two different ways to feed the vegetables and fruits into the juicer work great with different kinds of produce.
I could go on, but in a nutshell the REVO830 is the best jucer I ever owned!

Kati Curtis
October 10, 2022

C8000 Juicer

Being new to the juicing world I decided to take the plunge and spend the time looking and money and buy a good cold pressed juicer.
I spent days looking at the different types/brands/models available out there and finally settled on the Kuvings juicer.
1) Easy to use was a must, check.
2) Easy to clean – also a must, check.
3) No fiddly attachments/cleaning tools required, check.That cleaning brush that the machine comes with, genius!!
4) Optional accessories to get the most out of the machine, check (I bought the smoothie and sorbet attachments)
5) lastly had a decent warranty to offer if anything goes wrong, check
I’ve been using my juicer for nearly 6mths now almost every day and love it.
The juices are tasty and silky smooth and glad there is also the strainer that can go over the jug for that extra filtration and smoothness.
I’m glad I made the decision to buy the livings C8000 juicer to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet.

Wendy Long
May 23, 2022

Juicer Review – I made the Purple Cabbage

Simply fabulous! Juicing is a breeze and I already made my first juice from an email from you and it was lacking a lime cos my tree only has peanut sized limes on it at present but I threw in a few picked today strawberries and took the waste to the goats.

I made the Purple Cabbage recipe from page 35 in the recipe book and it is simply supreme. I plan to make a juice everyday for lunch and tomorrow it will be Tangy Tomato on the same page. This is a super book that goes with a simply super juicer

Rosanne Hood
March 7, 2022

Over the Moon!

OMG, I am absolutely over the moon with my new juicer! I bought this after knowing that I had to start juicing to get well after extreme exhaustion and joint pain everywhere in my body. With the difference using my never-used juice extractor made, I set about finding the best Slow Feed Cold Pressed Juicer on the market so that I could make this a daily habit with the best quality juice.

Between the quality of the materials and manufacture of the Kuvings Juicer, the functions it can perform, and the incredible ease in cleaning, I’m like a kid in a candy store who can’t wait to try the next juice or smoothie creation.

I want to thank the staff at Kuvings, especially Roula & Andrew, who answered my many questions and were generous in both their time and responses—not forgetting Gary & Julianne Dowse, whose Juice Recipes and books are so enticing! The ethos of the company shines through here in Oz, and I look forward to many years of association with them and the health benefits available.

In good health
Diane Viola

Diane Viola
Positive Relating
February 7, 2022

WOW! Super Juicer!

I reviewed and looked into so many cold press juicer and decided on buying the C8000, this is the best thing I have done. It is so quick and easy to assemble even my 74 year old mum was able to assist. The Juice is made quickly and the pulp is left dry and tasteless, leaving all the flavor and nutrients in the Juice.
Not only is this a great compact juicer, but I also got the wellness pack and got all these are special parts with it, like the sorbet maker. What better way to stay cool this summer then to make your own healthy sorbet.
I will be making all my family and friends buy a Kuvings as nothing compares.
Also super fast delivery.
Thank you Kuvings 🙂

January 28, 2022

B8000 well woth the money

We purchased this juicer ,after a lot of research, as this was our first time in the cold press market and we can not be happier with the machine.
The juices we have made have been delicious and even after 2 days in the fridge ,still so tasty.
The machine is very well built and we would recommend to anyone in the market for a cold press juicer to purchase the Kuvings machine.
juicing is fast and quite with the added bonus of the simple steps to clean with the special cleaning brush supplied.
We have subscribed to the weekly recipes and that to is a fantastic bonus.

Thank you

Gary & Julie Faries

Gary and Julie Faries
January 16, 2022


What sorcery is this? This is my second review as I just blended a handful of wheatgrass with some other leaves and it tasted really good. I used to juice wheatgrass but stopped because it tastes like s–t. I tried blending it in another blender but then you get lots of bits of grass and it still tasted like s–t. So I just did it on the vacuum setting and it came out smooth, not a lump, bump or bit of grass in sight or taste. Now the thing is it did not have that yuck wheatgrass taste either, hence the title of this reveiw being sorcery. I will now be having wheatgrass daily and I am looking forward to the health benefits of that wonderful grass.

Tina Cukas
January 5, 2022

Kuvings CS600

I love this juicer. Its so easy to use and clean. Juicing is a breeze. No mess No fuss.
I love the robust build quality. Delivery was super quick. I ordered my juicer online on a Sunday night and received it mid Tuesday afternoon. I have no regrets buying this juicer.
5 star rating.

November 17, 2021

Recipe Smells Divine

Love it. Liquid sunshine recipe smells divine and it tastes amazing too.
This juicer extracts much more juice than my other brand juicer.

Louise Balogh
November 4, 2021

Worth it!

I researched different juicers for about 12 months and almost gave in to a cheaper brand. Two of my friends kept telling me that Kuvings is the best and worth the spend. I am so happy I listened and finally purchased my Kuvings, it is amazing! So easy to assemble and clean – plus I love that it quiet so I can make my juice early morning without waking up everyone in the house.

Dominika Edwards
August 10, 2021

Very good kitchen knifes

Sharp, comfortable to hold, worth having. Also thanks for all the free gifts.

Alan Styles
June 24, 2021

I LOVE my new SV400 vacuum blender!

I’ve been making smoothies everyday since it arrived and enjoying getting creative with ingredient combinations. Already I can feel the benefits to my health….more energy, better focus, clearer complexion and has calmed my digestive issues.

It’s a great way to get lots of veggies (and fruits, nuts and seeds in moderation) in my diet whilst still retaining all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre.

The vacuum tumblers are a fantastic idea. I always make a double batch and just keep the rest in the fridge for later. Saves time and the smoothie looks and tastes just the same as it did when I made it with no separation of ingredients. I also own the EVO820 cold press juicer and make a big batch of juice and use the ‘vacuum only’ option to store my juice in the tumblers. I then have fresh juice on hand. Sometimes I use that cold press juice as the liquid component in my smoothies instead of water or milk.

The SV400 is compact and sits on my kitchen bench under my overhead cupboards perfectly so it’s always ready to use. The smoothie produced is the perfect consistency with no lumpy bits or excessive frothing. Although I love my cold press juicer, the SV400 gives me the option to get more of the whole food (ie fibre) in my diet. Cleaning is quick and easy.

Can’t wait to make nut butters and milk….also soups now that winter is approaching!

April 27, 2021

Happy Customer

A huge thank you to the lovely customer service lady, she was incredibly efficient and her product knowledge impressive, who helped us with a replacement piece for our cold press juicer. This is the best juicer we have ever bought and we use it daily. Easy to clean and so quiet to use.
Just wanted to say thank you.

Kathleen Howard
March 31, 2021


Why didn’t I buy one of these years ago produces the best juice +
easy to clean
easy to use
great instruction book

overall best value for money !!!!

doug kenyon
February 24, 2021

Fabulous Service!

Went to the warehouse to have my juicer repaired ended up upgrading the juicer and buying some products whilst I was there. Even though they were busy nothing was a hassle took the time to explain the products and loaded my car. Thanks Roula Katrina and Marol

Tonya Pilon
Pilons Press
December 3, 2020

Kuvings C7000 is my pick

As a long-time juicing fanatic… the Kuvings® C7000 is my pick… by far the easiest both to use… and to clean-up of any of the cold-pressed juicers I’ve owned over my many years of juicing, even my now, arthritic fingers can easily manage all the parts on this very cleverly designed machine.
Wide chute (saves on 95% of that tedious chopping up of ingredients to push down the narrow chutes of old) and the patented specially designed cleaning tool works brilliantly on the strainer… just use running cold water. Voila… cleaned in seconds.

The C7000 makes my berry coulis, smoothies and sorbets too!

My words not convincing you that the Kuvings® C7000 a great purchase choice at any age or stage of life… then try out their customer service… it’s awesome too!

October 26, 2020

Wonderful quiet juicer… B8000

Best cold press juicer. Very happy with purchase. It slowly crushing fruits and vegetables and the juice quality is excellent. The pulp is dry. We are making all sorts of juice everyday. Machine is beautifully built and has very low noise compared to many other brands that I have researched before buying kuvings. The only minor drawback is cleaning accessories afterwards. But it comes with cleaning brushes. So that job is not hard. Bought from Kuvings Australia website for $479 and also got $100 worth of complimentary items. Excellent customer service. Thank you Kuvings Australia. Highly recommend this juicer.

October 20, 2020

Amazing/top class Service

After 4 months of research on juicer, i finally closed my eye and spent big on a Kuvings professional juicer E8000 at my local store that have them. However, i bought my accessories here as they had better deal and I couldn’t find them on my local store where i bought the Juicer. I contacted Kuvings staff via the website prior placing my order (later night), but couldn’t wait unit the morning to order, so i ordered the Smoothie and Sorbet attachment pack, and 20 stainless glass bottles 600 ml, i didn’t expect any call from staff but the next day, a lovely staff called about my enquiry and i explained to her that i was going to ask for package deal for accessories including recipes books and also that i was after the bamboo lid glass bottles but i just couldn’t wait to buy – she told me not worry she will give 5 bamboo bottles with my order. I am so happy and really appreciative of this. I still haven’t used the Juicer or accessories as i received my order on 28.09.2020, I am also very happy with delivery – order placed on 21.09.2020 and received my order on 28.09.2020 in Mackay (remote area) – I cannot wait to start using my Juicer and will add another testimonial, plus recommend to friends/family. Thank you

Susan Nyoka
September 30, 2020

Exceptional performance

After purchasing another brand name centrifugal juicer only 1 month ago I noticed that the force of the machine was actually just shredding the fruit and veg up with so much speed that most of it was sent flying back into the pulp collection jug without all the juice being extracted and so much foam and airation and not to mention noise. I decided to spend the money and invest in the C7000 cold press juicer and I cannot believe how much better it is. It’s super quiet and the pulp is very dry and the foam is non existent. I am so impressed with this juicer and glad I made the decision to purchase it. The wellness pack was a great bonus and the recipe books are terrific. So many extras like the smoothie and sorbet bowls included too. I will be juicing for life and this is an investment into my future health and well-being . The actual process of using this juicer is such a calming relaxed vibe compared to the angry aggressive vibe of the centrifugal juicer. Love it!

Lee Corda
September 28, 2020

Great product that has changed my life for ever.

My name is Rita and I am 71 years old. I purchased my Smart Juicer from TVSN 3 months ago, after watching the Beautiful Trish demonstrate it.

I would like to share my results as I am so happy with what I have achieved. By monitoring my BMI, it provided me the motivation to completely change my eating habits. I lost 12kg within 3 months. My height is 165cm and my new weight is 61kg. I feel very healthy, fit and look nice and slim for my age and height. I was so impressed I brought a Smart Juicer for my son and daughter, and they love it too.

The change I made was having my main meal for lunch, breakfast as normal, then for dinner, which is between 3 and 4 for me,  I am having a highly nutritious cold press juice from my Kuvings Smart Juicer, with as many vegetables as I can juice from my garden. The juice recipes from the Kuvings App help me understand which vegetables and fruit I could juice initially for my body, to bring my BMI reading to adequate, which is the blue level. Once I achieved the correct reading for my body,  I  made up my own juice of mainly green vegetables from my garden that include, Kale, Spinach, Fennel, Parsley, Ginger and More. I feel very excited of my achievements and can’t believe, that at my age I was able to test my BMI levels every day and get my body feeling and looking so good. Thank you Kuvings and TVSN for a great product that has changed my life for ever.

September 25, 2020

Best purchase one could make!

Guranteed the best purchase one could make. 100% loving my new EVO820 Juicer, a life saving investment and pure bliss to use. Couldnt be happier with my choice. The books I purchased as well are a must have abundance of life saving information and a joy to read…Brilliant! A huge thank you to Andrew for his time and advise and imparting his wisdom about the world of juicing!
Robbie NT

Robbie Isenhood
September 18, 2020

Amazing Product, Fantastic Service

We’ve had a chance to test out the E8000 and it’s absolutely brilliant. I can actually taste all of the individual ingredients… AMAZING!
I also want to give a quick shout out to Thomas for his fantastic customer service — it’s a rare thing these days; however, Roula, Thomas, and the Kuvings team have it in spades. I will definitely be recommending this company whenever I can. Thanks again!

Adrian Kwiatkowski
August 12, 2020

Outstanding Customer Service

I have never left a review so quickly, but I must commend Roula and the Kuvings team for their amazing customer service. I haven’t even received my order yet, but I’m already incredibly impressed with the quick and friendly response. Roula was able to answer all of my questions, and due to my purchase being a gift, made arrangements to get my delivery out to me as quickly as possible. Thank you very much, Roula.

Adrian Kwiatkowski
August 11, 2020

Great Blender

We had previously purchased another high-end blender, that stopped working after less than 10 uses, so we decided to try this blender. We’re very happy with our decision. It’s a great blender! We mostly use it to make smoothies from the recipe booklet that’s included. The strawberry coconut shake is delicious! Using the vacuum blender gives smoothies a velvety texture that our previous high-end blender did not do. It’s very easy to clean with hot water and few drops of dish soap. It looks nice, but is bigger than most blenders because of the vacuum cover. It’s a bit loud too, but that’s a minor con considering the great results.

August 6, 2020

A fast commercial, cold pressed, upright juicer

Juicing commercially for 20 years, I’ve experienced every type of juicer. Cold pressed is ultimately produces the  best juice but the juicing itself can be too slow, so I’ve been using centrifugal and cold pressed  from the day Snoogies health Bar opened. Then Kuvings CS600 entered the market . A fast commercial, cold pressed, upright juicer. It’s an all rounder. Minimal benchspace required and easy continuous use. I loved the kuvings so much I ordered a second one for home. When the stainless steel top set came out my dreams had been answered.

Kuvings customer service is the best I’ve  experienced in the juicing world.  The response & processing time has been within the day and genuine.  I’ve been dealing predominantly with Thomas Thong throughout and he has been enthusiastic and efficient every step of the way. The owners and staff of Kuvings are in the health industry for all the right reasons and I would encourage anyone to go with this brand.

Aron Bradshaw
Snoogies Juice bar
June 12, 2020

Awesome product Awesome service

We’ve been using Kuvings cold press juicers for the last 2 years in the cafe and for our personal use. The juicers are very reliable, easy to operate and clean. For a business, the quality of a machine is very important but more than that, service is paramount particularly prompt reliable service. The team at Kuvings have been very supportive and friendly from the get-go. Thomas has been amazing with training, practical advice, recipes, prompt and reliable service. Thanks so much!

Cathryn Park
Breakfast Baked Goods & Wholefoods
May 22, 2020

Great products

I have a Kuvings juicer , yogurt maker and lunch boxes. They are all great to use. I try and make healthy food choices and nothing like saving on making your own juice , yogurt and food.
This number one product. I cannot wait for you to bring out shower head filters and I guess next am looking at buying water filter.

Ambreen Baig
May 22, 2020

Simply the best

What a great product. I have been using the EVO820 for a few weeks now (have never had a juicer before) It is so easy to use, the juice is fantastic, I must admit to being a bit worried about the clean up time but there was no need, clean up is a breeze only takes a minute or two.

Arguably the best customer service team I have dealt with in a long time. Andrew whom I believe is the owner even returned a call on a Saturday to answer some questions before I purchased the EVO820.

I placed an order online for the extra bowls, great communication and the order arrived in a few days.
We are all loving our morning juice in covid lockdown.

Jeffrey Allen
April 23, 2020

Take Charge of Your Own Health & Wellbeing

I’d been interested in purchasing this juicer for a while, and in the midsts of the world’s health scare NOW was the time for me. I know I am unable to control what is going on in the outside world, but I CAN control what I eat, how I live and how I approach my life, health and wellbeing and having this juicer I consider is just another way I can take pro-active steps to improve my health and wellbeing and strengthen my immunity.
This juicer is far superior than any other juicer I have owned, and really extracts maximum amounts of juice from fruits, veggies and nuts for making nutmilks. It’s really quiet, and very easy to assemble and clean. Saying that, on my first use, I had trouble opening the chute to disassemble because I didn’t properly follow the instructions. I called Kuvings Customer Service on a Saturday afternoon, half expecting no one to respond, but to my surprise and delight, a lovely lady answered my call and stepped me through what to do to solve the issue. It worked like a charm, and now I know what to do to avoid the same issue again. I LOVE my new KUVINGS juicer, and have really only touched the surface of what it can do. Worth the investment, thank you.

Joyce Piper
April 1, 2020

Amazing customer service!

The customer service by Kuvings Australia is OUTSTANDING! Highly recommend them and their products.

Mandy Murray
March 5, 2020

I love this product is

I love this product is amazing even my kids are making the juice ? now.

November 12, 2019

Awesome customer service

I put in a warranty claim for my juicer, it appeared the motor had died. Within 5 minutes I got a call from Roula who sorted it out immediately. She organised for me to send the juicer back to see what was wrong with it, but before doing so she suggested I check the lid to see if the magnet was missing, needed for it to work. I texted her a photo, sure enough that was the problem, and she said she’d send me a new lid. Done, sorted, amazing. It certainly stood out as great service given we had spent weeks arguing with MSi computers who wanted to charge us almost $700 to fix one wonky keyboard key. Thanks again Roula, and John at the Home Show who answered my questions about warranty, you were both very friendly and helpful.

Louise Vernieux
September 3, 2019

Thanks for the great telephone support

I made orange juice this morning in my new C7000 model. I could not get the open button to release to take apart the juicer to wash. After trying many times I phoned the Sydney phone number listed in Contact Us on the Kuvings website, and the woman who took my call was very, very helpful.

The reason I could not release the juicer was that I HAD USED THE WRONG STRAINER to make the juice!! I now know that for juices I use the yellow strainer!!

I was guided over the phone as to how to release the juicer and was taken through the process of putting the juicer together. I have nothing but praise for this supportive individual who assisted me.

Well done Kuvings!!

Gail Wilson
July 19, 2019

Great juicer and Fantastic service

I’ve owned my Kuvings juicer for nearly 4 years and use it regularly. It started to make some funny noises so contacted Kuvings and the team were so amazing in helping me to send my juicer back to them, service it and have it run as brand new again.
It is the best juicer on the market. Quiet, easy, quick and easy to clean.
I highly recommend the Kuvings juicer and highly recommend their customer service team.
Thank you.

Tracy Rennie
April 8, 2019

LOVE my Kuvings juicer

I’d like to recommend this awesome product. I juice everyday/second day ALL year round. Lots of tough ingredients like Kale, beetroot , celery etc. …
Cleans in minutes, easy to put back together and looks a treat sitting on the kitchen bench. Thank you

Diana Balhorn
March 18, 2019

Kuvings runs circles around the lot…

I’ve had a Champion, Life Spring, Green Power, Sunbeam and other various juicers and can say the Kuvings runs circles around the lot of them. Kuvings was recommended by Choice magazine so I thought I’d give them a go and I couldn’t be happier. Andrew and his team at Kuvings Australia were great. Courteous, helpful and friendly so I was happy to give them my business and purchase a great juicer at the same time. Try them, you won’t be sorry.

Brett and Susan
February 24, 2019

Best juicer on the market!

Not only the best juicers also, the best warranty and customer service. Will recommend your brand. Thank you so much.

Jurg Metzger
February 24, 2019

Great customer service and incredible juicer!

I’ve had the juicer or a few years and it is truly the best juicer I’ve ever used. I had a warranty claim and they were so easy to deal with and helped me right away with no dramas. not many companies like this around these days, I highly recommend getting a juicer if you are thinking about it. Worth the money!

David Ewing
December 20, 2018

Excellent Juicer – Redesigned C7000 Top Makes for Easy Juicing

I have had the C7000 juicer now for over one year. I use it every three days, making about 3 litres of juice at a time, storing it in the Kuvings bottles, it keeps for days on end.

In 2018, the C7000’s top section was redesigned and now the juicer is perfect. The new top does not block at all, is very fast and it is easy to get apart.

The reasons we love this juicer are: its easy to clean up, there are a lot of included accessories, its fast, its quiet, its well made, the service from Kuvings is the best of any company I have ever seen, its super strong and will last for years. Any finally, the juice you get from it is perfect. In fact you will be proud to show your juice off to your friends, family and workmates.

I highly recommend the C7000. It is great value for money and with the new top it is faultless.

Brett and Susan
November 21, 2018

I depend on it so much.

I juice every second day as I do juice for two days.  My juice consists of celery, spinach, parsley, kale ginger apples lemons beetroot cucumber,  I also do carrot juice as well.  My juices are what are keeping me going.  I am 88 years of age and I have no pain anywhere.  I have a glass of the green drink,  and a glass of carrot juice every morning before breakfast.  Kindest regards   Barb Godfrey

Barb Godfrey
October 22, 2018

Damn! I love the juicer.

I wanted to say that it is soooooo easy to clean. The other thing I want to say is that when Thomas came out and demonstrated the CS600, he spent a lot of time letting me put it together and pull it apart so that when the juicer arrived I was not frustrated by my own lack of knowledge.

Within Radius
September 4, 2018

This is the quietest, most easy to use and clean juicer I’ve ever owned!

“I’ve just received my EVO820 juicer and I have no words! This is the quietest, most easy to use and clean juicer I’ve ever owned! The colour and taste of the juice is out of this world and far superior to the best juices I’ve tasted in my favourite organic cafes. Thank you to all who created this and also huge gratitude for the professional team who answered my questions and made choosing and ordering so so easy!”

Grace Hart
September 4, 2018

So in love with my CS600 Commercial Juicer

It has been a few weeks and I am so in love with my little juicer. It is compact, portable and yet sturdy and well designed but strong like you would expect from a commercial machine. Cleaning is a breeze.

Good on you for such a great product. I use it very week for our market stall. It will pay for itself this year!!!

Liz Griffiths
July 24, 2018

Thanks so much to Menu Magazine and Kuvings Australia

Thanks so much to Menu Magazine and Kuvings Australia with the amazing juicer I recently won, it has been a great improvement to our household.

From breakfast onwards, it gets the job done, quietly and efficiently with little hassle. I love it and really appreciate the prize as I enjoy using fruit in all different ways, this machine needs little assistance and any fruit goes down a treat – Love it!

Claire Wignall
July 24, 2018

Great addition to my cafe

The Kuvings Cold Press Juicers have been a great addition to my cafes. So far I have purchased 4 machines and we make a minimum of 15 to 20 juices per day, per store with great success. I am very satisfied with the quality of these machines and very impressed with the after the sales service. I would highly recommend the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer to anyone for either commercial or domestic use.

Angelo Theo
July 9, 2018

I Love my New C6000 Coldpress Juicer

My Husband has been recently diagnosed with Cancer and so I could help boost his immune system with a healthy eating regime. After a lot of research decided to buy a Kuvings C6000 and I am glad I did. It’s so easy to use and clean. I have been making juices using Kale, spinach, apple, beetroot, cucumber etc. and it is just amazing the amount of juice that it creates. Most importantly, my husband is loving the juices also and we are finding he is definitely benefiting from having absolutely the freshest organic juice in his diet. I also demonstrated my juicer today to a friend who is making juices in her 1970 juicer for any friend with cancer. My friend was so impressed how my Kuvings juiced the leafy greens, she is going out tomorrow to one for herself.

Karen VanDen Bos
May 2, 2018

Making Apple Cider

Dear Kuvings,

I live on a rural property and have a number of very productive apple trees and I make apple wine by cutting apples up and boiling them in water and straining the water off them and adding sugar and then adding yeast and eventually bottling wine. But I have always wanted to make apple cider for which I would need an apple press which seemed to be impossible to obtain by mail order to where I live. So after some research my husband decided a coldpress juicer would probably do the job and so we did some research and decided on your one and I bought one last weekend.

I already had a Breville juicer but in an experiment with this juicer, using two buckets of apples I got 4 L of apple juice and a lot of wet pulp. And so it wasn’t going to give me the best sort of apple juice. And so after following all instructions for assembling your one after making sure everything was clean, this morning I put it to use. After I had juiced two buckets of apples, I had 10 L of juice. I was amazed.

Now being very careful with the juicer and not letting it exhaust itself, I found that juicing one bucket of apples carefully took fifteen minutes after which I would turn it off and leave it for at least half an hour and sometimes even longer before continuing and in this manner over an entire morning with lots of time to do other things while the juicer had a rest, I got 30 L of wonderful apple juice from six buckets of apples and then that was all I needed so I cleaned the juicer carefully and reassembled it and put it away.

Anyway I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the juice I got from your juicer and the fact was that the pulp was almost dry. I took the pulp and gave it to the chooks and they thought it was wonderful and possibly we will get apple flavoured eggs for a while. Now I guess you wouldn’t recommend using your juicer as the equivalent of an apple press but if treated carefully and given plenty of time to have a cool down and a rest, it performed perfectly for no longer than fifteen minutes at a time. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my Breville one now it seems to be insufficient. Well anyway, sometime I’ll try again with pears to make peri but I won’t be making 30 L of that, maybe just 10 L or even just 5 L.

So my wish to make apple cider is now well on the way and I could not have done it without the help of your amazing coldpress juicer.

Rosanne Hood
March 7, 2018

What a Beautiful Quiet Machine

This is the best juicer that i have ever used before and i love it, It,s so Quiet when using and the quality of my juicers is now much much better, I really do get the cold press and how it squeezers, Not thrashers the lovely fruit & veg, I bought the C7000BG in the Burgundy Colour, Looks Great on my bench in the kitchen.Thankyou very well made.

Stuart Herring
March 3, 2018

Best Juicer Ever – hands down

I began juicing on a daily basis in 2004 with my brand-new Breville high-speed juicer. It was so loud (think jet-engine)that I wasn’t allowed to use it until after 7:30 AM, but I loved it. It wasn’t until it died but I actually did research on juicers and discovered KUVINGS.

I bought my first one cheap on eBay directly from Korea in 2008. WOW! What a difference. Drinking the juice that it made became a pleasure rather than a morning routine and there was hardly any noise. It worked flawlessly for 5 years when I sold it and I upgraded to the (then) new B600. Another leap forward. Even quieter, if that were possible, and the juice even finer.

Another 5 years of flawless use has passed and an upgrad the CS600 (the commercial version) and all I can say is WOW WOW! You wouldn’t think that there would be much of a difference, but trust me there is. Not only do we juice everyday but now I even make my own almond milk twice a week. Did I mention the amazing tomato soup you can make using this machine?

I’ve never had a need nor reason to try any other make. A solid and reliable product that has never failed me nor let me down over the past 10 years.

Thank you Kuvings

Dave O'Bryant
March 2, 2018

Absolutely loving this juicer

I had an Hurom previously and thought that was good, but this juicer is so much better. This is truly a wonderful product.  I am also impressed with the quality of the juice.  I had to use a strainer with my Hurom because of the amount of pulp and froth that was in the juice, but it is not needed with the Kuvings C7000.

Tina Mendicino
February 14, 2018

Best Juicer I have owned

I have used the Kuvings juicer every day since we purchased it last year, we have definitely felt the health benefits of juicing our vegetables and fruits daily.

The juicer is very quiet and gets the most out of each fruit or vegetable I use.

Definitely recommend this product to everyone

Mayuko Shimizu
January 16, 2018

Thank You

Thank you so much for helping me out ref my Juice Machine, your company certainly go outside the Sq & were more than helpful sending your rep who lives me to sort it out. I will certainly be singing your praises & tell my friends about your company. Im now back into juicing & getting back to a healthy life style once again.

Maureen Neave
January 15, 2018

Excellent product!

We use our juicer on a regular bases, over the 5
years we have owned one. We have found it to
be convenient, reliable way of creating our favourite juice recipes, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about a juicer, this wonderful

Gary Coutsoudis
January 15, 2018

My Kuvings Juicer is now in its fifth year

My Kuvings Juicer is now in its fifth year, it has been used every day and as result over this period some replacement parts have been needed.

I have found both the Juicer and back up service outstanding.

I am in the position of making such an observation having been a large vehicle parts supplier for many years.

Max Winkless
January 13, 2018

Kuvings Juicer B6000

I recently placed an order for a citrus juicer as an attachment to my B6000 Kuvings Juicer. As part of that order a complimentary one litre bottle of my choice was included. As it was out of stock, two one litre bottles were despatched. The service you have provided is excellent. I have had my Kuvings B6000 since May 2017 and absolutely love it. I was told about it from and friend who has had one for years. It is a fantastic product and the quality of the machine is exceptional.

Shanon Lee
January 10, 2018

Awesome Product

My name is Lauren and I absolutely love my whole juicer I bought from you. Because I love this juicer so much I will be putting the website details on my Instagram with one of my veggie juice pics as everyone needs to know about it!! Seriously, awesome product.

Thank you

December 19, 2017

Big Fan

We have been a big fan of our Kuvings Cold Press Juicer from day one! Our customers from Bondi and beyond look forward to Bru’s original juices daily as part of their fitness routine, meal plan and daily cleanse. What’s more is that we find the juicer easy to operate and with a minimum of noise. Highly Recommended.

Team Bru Coffee @ Bondi
December 19, 2017

Dad is happy

Thank you so much for dealing with me regarding the sale of the two Kuvings juicers. I received them and have had my first juice with my dad to celebrate him coming out the hospital. I love the juicer and i am eager to teach dad and mum to utilize there juicer. Dad is happy with it, he can now make his own V8 juice fresh instead of buying the store bought one.
Thank you again for the prompt service and friendly customer service.

December 15, 2017
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