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Yes we think we make the BEST cold pressed juicer… but, don’t just take our word for it.
Listen to what our customers are saying.

Absolutely loving this juicer

I had an Hurom previously and thought that was good, but this juicer is so much better. This is truly a wonderful product.  I am also impressed with the quality of the juice.  I had to use a strainer with my Hurom because of the amount of pulp and froth that was in the juice, but it is not needed with the Kuvings C7000.

Tina Mendicino

Best Juicer I have owned

I have used the Kuvings juicer every day since we purchased it last year, we have definitely felt the health benefits of juicing our vegetables and fruits daily.

The juicer is very quiet and gets the most out of each fruit or vegetable I use.

Definitely recommend this product to everyone

Mayuko Shimizu

Thank You

Thank you so much for helping me out ref my Juice Machine, your company certainly go outside the Sq & were more than helpful sending your rep who lives me to sort it out. I will certainly be singing your praises & tell my friends about your company. Im now back into juicing & getting back to a healthy life style once again.

Maureen Neave

Excellent product!

We use our juicer on a regular bases, over the 5
years we have owned one. We have found it to
be convenient, reliable way of creating our favourite juice recipes, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about a juicer, this wonderful

My Kuvings Juicer is now in its fifth year

My Kuvings Juicer is now in its fifth year, it has been used every day and as result over this period some replacement parts have been needed.

I have found both the Juicer and back up service outstanding.

I am in the position of making such an observation having been a large vehicle parts supplier for many years.

Max Winkless

Kuvings Juicer B6000

I recently placed an order for a citrus juicer as an attachment to my B6000 Kuvings Juicer. As part of that order a complimentary one litre bottle of my choice was included. As it was out of stock, two one litre bottles were despatched. The service you have provided is excellent. I have had my Kuvings B6000 since May 2017 and absolutely love it. I was told about it from and friend who has had one for years. It is a fantastic product and the quality of the machine is exceptional.

Shanon Lee

Awesome Product

My name is Lauren and I absolutely love my whole juicer I bought from you. Because I love this juicer so much I will be putting the website details on my Instagram with one of my veggie juice pics as everyone needs to know about it!! Seriously, awesome product.

Thank you


Big Fan

We have been a big fan of our Kuvings Cold Press Juicer from day one! Our customers from Bondi and beyond look forward to Bru’s original juices daily as part of their fitness routine, meal plan and daily cleanse. What’s more is that we find the juicer easy to operate and with a minimum of noise. Highly Recommended.

Team Bru Coffee @ Bondi

Dad is happy

Thank you so much for dealing with me regarding the sale of the two Kuvings juicers. I received them and have had my first juice with my dad to celebrate him coming out the hospital. I love the juicer and i am eager to teach dad and mum to utilize there juicer. Dad is happy with it, he can now make his own V8 juice fresh instead of buying the store bought one.
Thank you again for the prompt service and friendly customer service.


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