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I’d been interested in purchasing this juicer for a while, and in the midsts of the world’s health scare NOW was the time for me. I know I am unable to control what is going on in the outside world, but I CAN control what I eat, how I live and how I approach my life, health and wellbeing and having this juicer I consider is just another way I can take pro-active steps to improve my health and wellbeing and strengthen my immunity.
This juicer is far superior than any other juicer I have owned, and really extracts maximum amounts of juice from fruits, veggies and nuts for making nutmilks. It’s really quiet, and very easy to assemble and clean. Saying that, on my first use, I had trouble opening the chute to disassemble because I didn’t properly follow the instructions. I called Kuvings Customer Service on a Saturday afternoon, half expecting no one to respond, but to my surprise and delight, a lovely lady answered my call and stepped me through what to do to solve the issue. It worked like a charm, and now I know what to do to avoid the same issue again. I LOVE my new KUVINGS juicer, and have really only touched the surface of what it can do. Worth the investment, thank you.