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OMG, I am absolutely over the moon with my new juicer! I bought this after knowing that I had to start juicing to get well after extreme exhaustion and joint pain everywhere in my body. With the difference using my never-used juice extractor made, I set about finding the best Slow Feed Cold Pressed Juicer on the market so that I could make this a daily habit with the best quality juice.

Between the quality of the materials and manufacture of the Kuvings Juicer, the functions it can perform, and the incredible ease in cleaning, I’m like a kid in a candy store who can’t wait to try the next juice or smoothie creation.

I want to thank the staff at Kuvings, especially Roula & Andrew, who answered my many questions and were generous in both their time and responses—not forgetting Gary & Julianne Dowse, whose Juice Recipes and books are so enticing! The ethos of the company shines through here in Oz, and I look forward to many years of association with them and the health benefits available.

In good health
Diane Viola