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As a long-time juicing fanatic… the Kuvings® C7000 is my pick… by far the easiest both to use… and to clean-up of any of the cold-pressed juicers I’ve owned over my many years of juicing, even my now, arthritic fingers can easily manage all the parts on this very cleverly designed machine.
Wide chute (saves on 95% of that tedious chopping up of ingredients to push down the narrow chutes of old) and the patented specially designed cleaning tool works brilliantly on the strainer… just use running cold water. Voila… cleaned in seconds.

The C7000 makes my berry coulis, smoothies and sorbets too!

My words not convincing you that the Kuvings® C7000 a great purchase choice at any age or stage of life… then try out their customer service… it’s awesome too!