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After purchasing another brand name centrifugal juicer only 1 month ago I noticed that the force of the machine was actually just shredding the fruit and veg up with so much speed that most of it was sent flying back into the pulp collection jug without all the juice being extracted and so much foam and airation and not to mention noise. I decided to spend the money and invest in the C7000 cold press juicer and I cannot believe how much better it is. It’s super quiet and the pulp is very dry and the foam is non existent. I am so impressed with this juicer and glad I made the decision to purchase it. The wellness pack was a great bonus and the recipe books are terrific. So many extras like the smoothie and sorbet bowls included too. I will be juicing for life and this is an investment into my future health and well-being . The actual process of using this juicer is such a calming relaxed vibe compared to the angry aggressive vibe of the centrifugal juicer. Love it!