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Being new to the juicing world I decided to take the plunge and spend the time looking and money and buy a good cold pressed juicer.
I spent days looking at the different types/brands/models available out there and finally settled on the Kuvings juicer.
1) Easy to use was a must, check.
2) Easy to clean – also a must, check.
3) No fiddly attachments/cleaning tools required, check.That cleaning brush that the machine comes with, genius!!
4) Optional accessories to get the most out of the machine, check (I bought the smoothie and sorbet attachments)
5) lastly had a decent warranty to offer if anything goes wrong, check
I’ve been using my juicer for nearly 6mths now almost every day and love it.
The juices are tasty and silky smooth and glad there is also the strainer that can go over the jug for that extra filtration and smoothness.
I’m glad I made the decision to buy the livings C8000 juicer to get more fruit and vegetables into my diet.