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After 4 months of research on juicer, i finally closed my eye and spent big on a Kuvings professional juicer E8000 at my local store that have them. However, i bought my accessories here as they had better deal and I couldn’t find them on my local store where i bought the Juicer. I contacted Kuvings staff via the website prior placing my order (later night), but couldn’t wait unit the morning to order, so i ordered the Smoothie and Sorbet attachment pack, and 20 stainless glass bottles 600 ml, i didn’t expect any call from staff but the next day, a lovely staff called about my enquiry and i explained to her that i was going to ask for package deal for accessories including recipes books and also that i was after the bamboo lid glass bottles but i just couldn’t wait to buy – she told me not worry she will give 5 bamboo bottles with my order. I am so happy and really appreciative of this. I still haven’t used the Juicer or accessories as i received my order on 28.09.2020, I am also very happy with delivery – order placed on 21.09.2020 and received my order on 28.09.2020 in Mackay (remote area) – I cannot wait to start using my Juicer and will add another testimonial, plus recommend to friends/family. Thank you