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Power Packed. The sixth (and final) smoothie in our Rainbow Series is ‘Purple Power’. It is full of high-frequency light and powerful goodness. A great way to finish off the Rainbow Series, with a light-filled smoothie that fills you naturally with harmony and joy!

Dragon Fruit – life giver

When you look at the outside of this fruit, it looks like ‘dragon scales’ – hence the name it was given. Also known as Pitaya, Dragon Fruit comes in white, yellow and purple/pink. The flesh works well with any smoothie, because it’s subtle in taste but adds a creamy texture and if you use the purple/pink variety – it adds a very high frequency colour to permeate everything it touches. Easily found in the frozen section of most supermarkets, this power-packed fruit helps rejuvenate your liver cells due to its ‘fountain of youth’ properties. This is why it is heavily featured in theHeavy Metal Detox Smoothie’  by Anthony Williams.

Acai – a gift from nature

Powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals. Acai berries help promote heart and brain health as they reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. Acai is often used by athletes as a superfood because of the amino acids that are easily absorbed into the blood stream, helping to increase strength, muscle growth and energy! An Acai Smoothie Bowl is perfect way to hydrate and fuel after a workout!

Coconut – protector

The ultimate protector from viruses and bacteria. Coconut flesh is an all-purpose ingredient that you can use in curries or smoothies. You get Manganese from Coconuts, which is great for immune support and stabilizing blood sugars as well as metabolizing fat and protein.

Ingredients (2 Servings)

  • 1 cup Organic Coconut Water
  • 2 Frozen Sachet Coconut Flesh
  • 1 Frozen Sachet Acai Berry
  • 1 Banana
  • Juice of 1/2 Lime

Tip: You can use a frozen or fresh banana

Blended with Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender

Want to know more about the healing benefits of fruits and vegetables? Check out the book ‘Life Changing Foods’ by Anthony Williams, Medical Medium

Step 1: Gather your ingredients and place them into the blender as follows:

  • Pour in your Coconut Water
  • Add your Coconut Flesh, broken into smaller chunks
  • Add your Acai Berry, broken into smaller chunks
  • Add your Banana
  • Add your Lime Juice

Step 2: Blend all together in your Kuvings Vacuum Blender

  • Place the lid on the jug and the noise-reduction cover on
  • Touch ‘power on’ button
  • Select vacuum blend option
  • Let the Blender do its thing.


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