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Smoothie Maker – AUTO10 Juicer



Smoothie strainer for the following AUTO10 cold press juicer models only!

  • AUTO10-BL
  • AUTO10-RD
  • AUTO10-SV or LS
  • AUTO10-WT

Not suitable for early versions AUTO10-BK and AUTO10-WH.

Please check your order notification email for the model number starting with #

If you have the older versions please contact customer service to order.

Make delicious cold-pressed smoothies using the Kuvings smoothie maker accessory strainer.

Suitable for the AUTO10 Cold Press Juicer

Using the smoothie strainer attachment (optional extra) you will be able to make a variety of cold-pressed smoothies that are easy to make and rich in flavour and nutrition.

A cold-pressed smoothie has less oxidation and comes out creamy and smooth. You can add fruits, nuts and even steamed veg!

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