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Silicone Cookie Mould – 12 cavities


Ready to get creative in the kitchen and make your own fun and sweet cookies? This Silicone Cookie Mould has 12 cavities in total and is durable, heat resistant, easy to clean with great non-stick baking properties! Shaped in a variety of floral and heart shapes, your sweet creations will turn out looking fabulous and will surely be loved by all the kids!

With 12 floral and heart shaped cavities, it’s perfect for making sweet cookies, chocolates, candies, caramel, jelly and even mini wax or candles. Enjoy a wide variety of creations using our Silicone Cookie Mould.


Our Silicone Moulds are flexible, soft and durable for them to last longer. It’s flexibility can allow easy release of your cookie creations, making it easy for kids to use too. Simply hand wash or leave it in the dishwasher.


Our Silicone Moulds are able to withstand cold and hot temperatures without losing their shape. We made sure our moulds were built to last so you can re-use and bake for as long as you need.

The flexibility of silicone allows your sweet creations to be released easily. It can also be folded without breaking and simply unfolds back to its initial shape. Once cleaned, fold or place the cookie mould into a storage space until next use.

Product Features:

  • Contents: 1 x Silicone Cookie Mould – Floral and Heart Shaped
  • 12 x cavities
  • Made of silicone material – great non-stick properties
  • Easy to Clean: excellent heat regulation properties
  • Reusable and flexible for easy release
  • Refrigerator safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for baking, bread, cake, jelly and so much more!

Care Instructions

  • Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scourers
  • Dry thoroughly before storing

Additional information

Weight.3 kg