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Flexi Antibacterial Chopping Board 25x35cm (Orange)



Upgrade your kitchen with our Flexi Antibacterial Chopping Board. Crafted from hygienic eco-friendly materials, this chopping board features great antibacterial activity (99.9%) by natural Phytoncides. Its unique design also includes the release of anion and far-infrared ray, ensuring excellent elimination of unpleasant food smells.


  • Flexi Antibacterial Chopping Board 25x35cm
  • Hygienic eco-friendly materials
  • Colour: Blue
  • Great antibacterial activity (99.9%) by natural Phytoncides
  • Excellent elimination of unpleasant food smells
  • Perfect sterilization by one minute heating in microwaves or boiling water


  1. Made from natural Phytoncides and eco-friendly reusable material of medical items
  2. No detection of Endocrines, Bisphenol A, Phthlates, Dioxin, PBDE, PCB and DDP
  3. SGS certified


  1. Optimally flexible of best usability
  2. Not slippery while cutting – It does not move easily while using because of the material characteristic adhering on cooking table
  3. Practically designed for easy keeping option with the utility hole
  4. Excellent elasticity to prevent blade scars that could happen on silicon and other plastic cutting boards
  5. Minimizes damages on the blade of knife
  6. Juice groove is available to reduce over flow of water from juicy foods
  7. Smart folding system to put in microwaves for perfect sterilization
  8. Marking for regular size cutting

Why is antibacterial important?

Room temperature exposure, Exponential growth!
After 6hours a million times growth.

Antibacteria! Must Keep it!!

Antibacteria of food contact Never pass over!!

What’s different between antibacterial and sterilization?

Sterilization has to be necessary in antibacterial chopping boards

Just Microwave for 1 minute for 99.9% Sterilization!

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 35 mm

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