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Pureworx by Kuvings – The Natural All Purpose Cleaner (500ml)



Restaurant Grade All Purpose Cleaner with sprayer.

Safe around food & people

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Pureworx by Kuvings - The Natural All Purpose Cleaner (1 litre refill)


Restaurant Grade All Purpose Cleaner - Refill

Safe around food & people

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Natural Cleaning Products: Pureworx cleaner is the Smarter Cleaning solution that cares for the environment and your business

Scientifically formulated with water, mineral salts & electrochemistry

Pureworx is a range of natural cleaning products that are biodegradable, natural, good for the earth, non-hazardous mineralized liquid that will clean most surfaces effectively.

  • Kills gram-negative bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella & Campylobacter – the most common and virulent types of bacteria, often attributed to food poisoning.
  • Contains NO harmful/toxic chemicals, unlike traditional commercial cleaning solutions.
  • All purpose cleaner that is odourless and non-foaming
  • Suitable for benches, shelves, extractions hoods, any stainless steel or other material surface that has a recent accumulation of dirt and grease, or food debris, will be cleaned and bacteria free.
  • Reduces OH&S risk to users as it does not contain any toxic chemicals

For best results team with Pureworx Microfibre or Waffle Weave Cloth.

Good for the environment. Safe around food, children & sensitive products

Pureworx™ is the smarter cleaning solution, that cares for the environment and your home/business.

It is a biodegradable, natural, good for the earth and non-hazardous mineralized liquid that effectively cleans most surfaces.

The HACCP certified, aqueous cleaning solution is a non-foaming cleaner, degreaser, free of any chemical or abrasive compound, with no fragrance or colour.


Using Pureworx Cleaner

Instructions for use and tips for great results:

General Light Surface Cleaning:
Light Spray leave 20 seconds, Wipe Away

Heavier Duty (Grease and Bacteria Kill):
Full spray and wait for 30 seconds – grease will dissolve. Wipe off with Microfibre Cloth and polish with a dry Microfibre Cloth for best results.

Rinse cloth regularly and when washing the cloth, use only a mild detergent, and wash separately – do not wash with anything other than microfibre product.  Correct use, will give at least a thousand uses out of one cloth.

Pureworx has a high pH, avoid spraying onto copper, zinc and untreated aluminium. Light staining of these metals can occur if Pureworx is applied and left for upwards of 30 seconds.


  1. What is Pureworxs made from?
    • Pureworx is manufactured in a state of the art machine using only purified water and Potassium Carbonate, a natural salt found in plant life.
  2. Does Pureworxs have any scent or smell?
    • As Pureworx is formulated solely with purified water and potassium carbonate, a natural salt found in plant life, it is colourless and without a scent.
  3. Where is Pureworxs made?
    • Pureworx solution is Australian made and owned.
  4. Does it have a used-by date?
    • Yes, Pureworx has a long shelf life. We stabilise the solution to last in cool, dark conditions for up to two years.
  5. Do I need to wear gloves?
    • Whilst Pureworx is a very safe formulation and for most people is unlikely to cause any issues we recommend protecting your hands whenever you are cleaning – even with Pureworx.
  6. Does Pureworxs work on all surfaces?
    • While Pureworx is effective on all surfaces we recommend you avoid spraying onto copper, zinc and untreated aluminium. Light staining of these metals can occur if Pureworx is applied and left for upwards of 30 seconds. While kitchen chopping boards are fine for Pureworx we’d also avoid decorative wooden surfaces including tables and sideboards as usage over time can potentially affect protective coatings and varnishes leading to possible discolouration.
  7. Can I add Essential Oils?
    • Yes! As Pureworx is fragrance free, if you would like your cleaner to be scented, you can absolutely add your desired essential oil.

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