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Orange Peeler Professional


Made in  Spain

Pieces per minute: Up to 5
Voltage: 220/240 V
Dimensions: 22 x 16,3 x 25 cm
Net weight: 2 Kg
Consumption: 24 W

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Unlike any other fruit peelers, the Orange Peeler Professional can peel oranges, apples, potatoes and more in just a few minutes. It is an electrically powered machine (not batteries) and made of a durable plastic casing that makes peeling without effort yet more fun. 

General Features:
  • Orange Peel starts at the push of a button
  • Allows quick and safe cleaning
  • Peel any kind of fruit and vegetable with spherical or oval
  • Full manual included in the package
  • Cylinder with three points (trident) to hold fruits and food
  • Cylinder with positioner (probe tube) to adjust the thickness of the cutting blade
  • Cable connection include



Additional information

Weight 2 kg

1 review for Orange Peeler Professional

  1. Lisa Cavallaro

    does this item come with warranty if so what is it?

    • Kuvings

      Hi Lisa, yes it does come with warranty. It is 12 months. You can register online by clicking the warranty tab on the top menu.

    • Gawain Simpson

      How thinly can it peel? I just want the zest of citrus fruit and no pith removed.

      • Kuvings

        It does remove some pith with the skin.

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