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Motiv1 Smart Juicer Hydration Pack


Special Offer Save $348. Limited Time.
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Hydration Pack Includes:

  • Kuvings Motiv1 Smart Cold Press Juicer (Grey)
  • Cara Water Jug + 3 Pack Cara Filters
  • 2 x 600ml Premium Series Glass Bottles
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Unlock Wellness with MOTIV1 Kuvings Smart Juicer

  • Effortless Juicing: Self-feeding flip gate and 82mm feeding chute make juicing a breeze.
  • Easy Clean: Cleaning up is a breeze, ensuring your juicing experience is both enjoyable and hassle-free.
  • Maximum Nutrition: Experience optimal nutrition and whisper-quiet operation for a seamless juicing journey.
  • Built-in Body Composition Scanner: Monitor 7 vital aspects of your body’s composition for personalized health insights.
  • IoT HealthFriend App: Get customized recipes based on your body analysis and access guided exercises for a healthier lifestyle.

Discover the MOTIV1 Kuvings Smart Juicer: Unmatched Juicing Excellence with Added Wellness Benefits

Looking for a top-tier juicer that not only delivers exceptional performance but also offers a range of health-enhancing features?

Your search ends here with the MOTIV1 Cold Press Juicer, which is essentially the EVO820 model in with a built in body scanner.

Here’s why the MOTIV1 deserves a spot in your kitchen:

  • Premium Juicing Excellence: The MOTIV1 Kuvings Smart Juicer, boasts cutting-edge cold-press technology that ensures you get the most flavour and nutrition out of your fruits and veggies.
  • Unbeatable Value: While other EVO models are currently on sale for $849, the MOTIV1 is available for just $799 during our exclusive promotion. This is your chance to own a high-end juicer without breaking the bank.
  • Free Spring Wellness Pack: As an added bonus, we’re including a complimentary Spring Wellness Pack (valued at $190) with every MOTIV1 purchase. Elevate your well-being with these essential accessories.
  • The Smart Choice for Health: The MOTIV1 isn’t just a juicer; it’s your all-in-one wellness companion. It features a built-in Body Composition Scanner and seamless integration with the IoT HealthFriend App, providing you with valuable health insights and personalized recipes.

Why Choose the MOTIV1?

  • Exceptional Juicing Quality: Relish the rich, nutrient-packed juices produced by the MOTIV1.
  • Versatile: From juices to nut milks and leafy greens, the MOTIV1 excels in versatility. Plus, with the optional sorbet and smoothie strainers, you can indulge in homemade sorbet, ice cream, and cold-pressed smoothies with delightful ease.
  • Unbeatable Value: Enjoy premium EVO820 quality at a fraction of the price, plus the added wellness perks.
  • Free Wellness Pack: Boost your wellness journey with bonus accessories.
  • Smart Technology: Take control of your health with the Body Composition Scanner and personalized recipes via the IoT HealthFriend App.

Elevate your juicing experience and well-being with the MOTIV1 Cold Press Juicer. Secure this extraordinary offer now for just $799 and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!





Customized Recipes for Your Body Composition

Say goodbye to generic juicing recipes. With MOTIV1’s built-in Body Composition Scanner and the IoT HealthFriend app, you’ll receive personalized recipes tailored to your body’s unique needs. Achieve your health goals faster with nutrition designed just for you.





Your Own Health Coach

Our HealthFriend Smart Juicer is more than a kitchen appliance; it’s your personal health coach. Learn correct postures and exercises to complement your wellness journey. Prevent injuries with guided videos that match your fitness level and health condition, including stretching, aerobic exercises, core workouts, and more.





Your Holistic Health Companion

The MOTIV1 Kuivngs Smart Juicer doesn’t stop at juicing excellence; it’s your all-in-one wellness partner. With built-in exercises, meditation, and yoga options, it empowers you to nurture both body and mind. Whether you’re seeking a quick yoga session to center yourself or a guided meditation to relax, the MOTIV1 has you covered. Plus, you can conveniently save, share, or print your scans and even scan family and friends using a guest account. Elevate your well-being with MOTIV1, the juicer that goes beyond juicing.





Getting Started is Easy

  1. Download the App: First things first, head over to the App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices) and download the Kuvings HealthFriend App. After installation, set up your profile by providing your name, age, height, and weight. No need for pairing; your juicer will automatically connect via Bluetooth.
  2. Activate Bluetooth on Your Juicer: Turn on Bluetooth on your juicer by pressing the “Bluetooth Juicer” button located at the back of the machine. Next, press the button just above it to extend the scanners.
  3. Initiate the Scan: Launch the Kuvings HealthFriend App and select “Kuvings HealthFriend” to begin the scan. You’ll see a 5-second countdown timer.
  4. Hold Still: During the scan, ensure your arms are straight. Place your index finger at the bottom and your thumb on top of each scanner. It’s crucial not to move or speak during the scan.
  5. Review Your Results: After the scan, refer to the HealthFriend App for your results. Green indicates you’re below the recommended average, blue means you’re right on target, while red/purple suggests you’re above the recommended average. You’ll receive seven different measurements, and if you need more information about each measure, simply click on the “?” icon.
  6. Unlock Personalized Features: The app goes a step further by offering tailored recipes for juicing and blending based on your scan results. It also provides exercise routines with individual video guides to keep you fit and healthy.
  7. Share and Connect: You can conveniently print, save, and share your scans. Plus, add family and friends to your MOTIV1 experience by creating guest accounts for them.

Now you’re all set to embark on a journey of wellness and health with your MOTIV1 Cold Press Juicer and the Kuvings HealthFriend App. Enjoy juicing, fitness, and mindfulness tailored just for you!

Kuvings Health Friend App





Easy colour-coded results





Detailed information on each area





Print. Save. Share. Results

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