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Kuvings CB1000 Commercial Blender (with vacuum)


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The World’s 1st Commercial Vacuum Auto Blender.
Commercial durability, one-touch auto blending, pre-set menu options, super fast vacuum technology and a superfine, smooth blend.

In the Box:

  • CB1000 Vacuum Auto Blender
  • Jug and Lid
  • Recipe Book
  • Users Manual

Bonus Free 2nd Jug and Lid

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Transform The Way You Blend

State of the art technology, the Kuvings Chef CB1000 Vacuum Blender is the World’s First Commercial One Touch Auto Blender.

Open/Close the soundproof enclosure and start blending – all with just One Touch – are you ready to experience the difference?

Super Quiet

One Touch Blending

Vacuum Technology

It’s As Creative As You Are

Smoothie Bowls

Quality You Can Trust

Engineered for peak performance and for frequent and continuous use. The Chef CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender provides exceptional versatility in the kitchen.

Built-in Vacuum Technology

Quickly Vacuum Before Blending

In just one touch, air is removed before blending, delivering drinks that last longer, taste fresher, and contain less foam and separation.

*Studies show that vacuum blending provides 1.5~2.4 times more antioxidants than non-vacuumed blends.

Resulting in a better tasting, more nutritious juice!

*source: Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 48(4): 271-277,2021

Key Features

Safety Sensor

Detects if the container is securely on the base.

Quick Start Button

World’s 1st one-touch fully automatic system.

Sound Proof

Enclosure drastically reduces the  noise when blending.

Convenient Pre-sets

5 pre-programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings can quickly make any order.

You Can See The Difference

Traditional blenders pull air into the jug as ingredients are blended together. This results in oxidation causing discolouration, layer separation and inability to maintain freshness.

The Chef Vacuum Blender sucks the air from the jug prior to ingredients being blended together. This results in vivid colours, maximum nutrition, no separation and the ability to store without discolouration occurring.

Keeping Food Fresher, For Longer

GREEN SMOOTHIES are an excellent way to help your customers get high doses of minerals, antioxidants and nutrients into their body.

When bottled under vacuum, blends will stay fresh for up to 3 days in the fridge!

In a 2022 study*, consumers want ‘Better Nutrition’ delivered to them that not only tastes good, but helps them accomplish their wellness goals.

*source ‘The Future of the $1.5 trillion wellness industry’

CB1000 Commercial Vacuum Blender

Learn more about the CB1000 Commercial Blender:



ModelCB1000 Chef Vacuum Auto Blender
ColourSilver / Stainless Steel
Speed (RPM)32,000 RPM
Size220 x 245 x 480
Weight11 kg
CleaningRinse the jug under the tap (or with a spray gun)
Size of Jug2500 ml
Maximum Fill Size1400 ml
Motor1700 watt
5 Preset ButtonsOptimized 37 recipe programs are already built-in.
Warranty3 years on motor, control pad and touch pad. 1 year on jugs, blade, socket, enclosure and vacuum module
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