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Juicing Bowl with Smart Cap – Domestic juicer



Suitable for B6000 & B8000 domestic juicer with 4-jaw locking system on the on the lid

The latest Juicing Bowl was upgraded in 2019 to a 4-jaw locking system to make it stronger. A locking point is what the lid ‘clips into’ when you place it on the juicer bowl – it effectively ‘locks’ it in place.

Do you have a B6000 or B8000 domestic juicer purchased prior to 2019?

Chances are your juicer bowl and lid will have 3-jaw locking system (and not 4 as shown below) which means you will need to purchase a 4 lock upgraded lid and bowl set and not just a lid.

Please email [email protected] or ring (02) 9798 0586 if you need further assistance.

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Weight.5 kg