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Juice Fasting – A Foodies Guide (updated edition)



Revised and updated edition.

This easy, step-by-step guide gives you all of the tools and tips you need to succeed at fasting on nothing but juice – whether you decide to do it for one day or complete the whole 7-day program. Also includes; 21 delicious recipes in full colour, a shopping list, and a 7-day planner.

Published: March 2021
Author: Julianne Dowse
Pages: 110 soft cover

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7 DAYS, NOTHING BUT JUICE – what was I thinking?

Think you can’t go without food? Think you would die of hunger or from cravings?

Well, think again. In this easy, step-by-step guide, Julianne gives you all of the tools, delicious tasting recipes, and tips you need to succeed at fasting on nothing but juice – whether you decide to do just one day or complete the whole seven-day plan!

Julianne challenged herself to go without food for seven whole days and not only did she survive, her mind and body actually thrived!

What’s included?

  • How to prepare and get the mind right
  • When is the best time to fast and why would you do it?
  • 21 delicious juice recipes in full colour for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • A step-by-step planner
  • Shopping list
  • How to break your fast, safely and easily
  • Paying it forward – how to help others
  • Q&A

Many people turn to fasting as a last resort, as the ‘saviour’– quite literally. For Julianne, fasting is maintenance. It helped her to keep her mind in check and her body supported to live a very full and healthy ‘foodie’ life.


Author Bio

Julianne turned to natural healing when both her parents died after a long and horrific battle fighting cancer.

Fuelled by her desire to live a long and healthy life and not follow in their footsteps, Julianne found much evidence in support of regular fasting.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, she challenged herself to have nothing but juice for seven days and found that not only did she not die without food, she actually felt better, and fasting gave her a great tool to rid the body of toxins and to repair and rejuvenate at a cellular level.

The greatest influence on her work has been Don and Tyler Tolman who are renowned for helping people to understand the power of self-care.

Julianne lives in Melbourne, Australia and this is her story.

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