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Juice Chef – Juice Recipe Book



This book is more than just a juice recipe book. It contains vital information about the benefits of cold pressed juicing. It will also help you learn how to use juicing as a tool for good health and healing!


  • Section 1: Cold Press Juicing
  • Section 2: The 3-day juice cleansing program
  • Section 3: Cold Pressed Juice Recipes
  • Section 4: Going Further

Soft Cover: October 2020
Author: Gary Dowse
Pages: 202
ISBN: 9780648950158

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Book 1 of the Juice Chef series

Gary Dowse, the Master Juice Chef, teaches you all the benefits of drinking fresh, natural juice for your health and healing. He also shows you how to make delicious tasting juice recipes using a cold press juice machine.

Cold pressed juice is simply the best way to drink natural, living, raw juice and still absorb all the healing benefits of plant-made nutrients.

Did you know that one cup of cold pressed juice provides hundreds, maybe even thousands of phytochemicals, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and soluble fibres, many of which haven’t even been identified by science yet?

These natural juices are easy on your digestive system, they can reduce acidity and toxicity in the body and best of all they taste good.

What’s inside?

  • Cold Pressed Juice – why is it so good for you?
  • Juicing vs Blending – is there a difference?
  • How to Juice – preparation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs and spices for juicing
  • Toxicity and Deficiency – how can you use juice to balance these scales?
  • 3-day Juice Cleanse Program – hints, tips and signs you need to cleanse
  • The 7 principles of health – what are they and how can you live your life by them?
  • Top 5 Juicing Tips – juicing has never been easier!


✓ 52 full colour Juice Recipes
✓ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
✓ Nut Mylks
✓ Juices to help you Detox
✓ Immunity Boosters
✓ Juices to help you Heal
✓ And, juices for Energy!




About the Author

Gary Dowse was born in Canberra, ACT, Australia in 1970. After receiving his Black Belt in Kungfu, his career life changed when his teacher said “Gary, you now know how to hurt people, but if you want to be a great leader you now need to learn how to heal people”.

So, for the next 20 years health and healing became his passion.

He is now a qualified Plant-Based Professional Chef with a certification in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and Natural Juice Therapy.

Gary lives in Melbourne with his wife Julianne. Back in 2015 they began running live-in retreats in Healesville, Melbourne, where they would teach people about juicing and living a healthy lifestyle through their 3 & 7-day juice cleanse programs. They have since run several retreats and educated hundreds of people about the health benefits of juicing and living a healthier lifestyle.

Gary is a business partner in Heal U – A Healthy Eating & Lifestyle business that educates people on juice cleansing and plant-based living.

Gary is also the Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia, and you will often find him on stage speaking about juicing and living a healthy lifestyle at various shows and festivals around the country.

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