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Kuvings Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker (silver)

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Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese maker can make sauerkraut, tzatziki, pickles, vinegar, yogurt, cheese, Amazake, Nato and much more.

Comes with recipe book and how to use manual.


  • Recipe book with over 100 recipes
  • Preset recipes up to 72 hours.
  • Manual +/- button from 1 to 99 hours, 23°C to 70°C
  • 2x two litre bowl containers
  • 1x strainer, 1x bowl lid, 1x bowl handle
  • BPA free
  • LED display screen
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Yogurt & Cheese Maker Main Functions

With the Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese Maker you can control the temperature and time manually or choose on of the four preset mene buttons.

  1. Greek Yogurt Button
  2. Cheese Button
  3. Vinegar Button
  4. Pickle Button

With a smart automatic control system that turns itself off when fermentation is complete, you can cook conveniently without any worries.

kuvings greek yogurt and cheese maker

Simple to Use

It’s simple and convenient to assemble the container with the main body. Tighten the container cover and handle, and put it inside the main body. The sleek and compact design saves countertop space and matches any stylish kitchen. Kuvings Yogurt and Cheese Maker is ideal for families because it can make large quantities of healthy yogurt, cheese, vinegar and pickles at a time with up to 2 litre containers.

kuvings greek yogurt and cheese maker lid

Demand the Best

What makes the Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese maker so good and so affordable is you get to choose what ingredients go into the yogurts and cheeses you are making. Commercial yogurt fermentation time is often an hour or even less and in many cases thickening agents are added to to give it the look and feel of yogurt that has been fermented for much longer.

When you make it a home you can demand the best ingredients and ensure you get the best quality product with the best taste and is the healthiest for you and the family.

Specifications – Technical Data

ModelKuvings Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker
Power Consumption44W
FunctionMake yogurts, cheese, and fermented foods
 VoltageAC220-240V, 50-60Hz
 Dimensions180 X 180 X 200mm
 Capacity2L (standard capacity : 1.2 litre)
 MaterialsPP, PE, SAN, PP, PE, Tritan

Making Greek Yogurt

Homemade Greek Yogurt is full of Protein, without artificial additives. It is low in calories and high in nutritional value. Greek yogurt is considered one of the world’s five healthiest foods. Greek Yogurt is 2-3 times more concentrated and fermented than plain yogurt and contains approximately twice the calcium than plain yogurt.

Greek Yogurt has a stronger taste than plain yogurt and hard texture like cream cheese.

Place some fruits like blueberries or bananas on this hardened Greek yogurt, or mix it with various sauces and baking dough to have a richer dish. It has a chewy texture like cream cheese which can be spread on pretzels and bagels.

How to make Greek Yogurt using Kuvings Greek Yogurt and Cheese Maker

Homemade Feta Cheese – Yogurt Maker

kuvings greek yogurt and cheese maker spread

Product Reviews

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions180 × 180 × 200 mm
Domestic Warranty

7 Years

Commercial Warranty


2 reviews for Kuvings Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker (silver)

  1. Val Bachmut

    This is one of the best appliances I I’ve ever bought. Yogurt, cheese, wine (yes, it makes wine!) and pickles come out perfectly. The price is not cheap, but it’s worth every cent. Highly recommended.

    • Brad trelevan

      Do I need to preheat the milk for Greek yoghurt? If so, what temperature? I only get a small amount of Greek yoghurt, and a large amount of runny yoghurt and whey in the bottom when I make it. I’ve tried longer times in the machine, and longer times in the fridge.

      • Kuvings

        Make sure you are using starter with live active cultures. Long used by dates are better are yogurt cultures deteriorate over time. Occasionally the batch may have a very thin consistency, it may even be liquid and that’s perfectly fine. The texture and consistency will even out over the next several batches. Save 6 Tbsp and reuse.

    • Jenny

      I haven’t purchased yet but was wondering if it does fermented Veges, such as carrot or beetroot or kimchi etc? And along the line of ferments how about kombucha?

      • Kuvings

        Hi Jenny, yes you can use the machine to ferment veggies and make kombucha tea you just need make your own scoby our have one gifted to you from a friend.

    • Jenny (verified owner)

      Just got my new machine , I wanted to make beetroot kraut but not sure if I use the same recipe as for cabbage, any recipes?

      • Kuvings

        Yes you can use the same recipe or experiment with your own combinations.

    • Denise

      Can you make Kefir fermented milk drink in this machine?

      • Kuvings

        Yes there is a Kefir Yogurt recipe in the book that comes with the machine.
        1 Add the Kefir starter to milk and mix them well. Use the Greek Yogurt & Cheese Maker to make Kefir Yogurt.
        2 The bowl with the fermented Kefir Yogurt is taken out from the body, and stored in a refrigerator. It has to be ripened and coagulated for around 6 hours to have Kefir Yogurt.

  2. Tania G

    To make yogurt you need a starter. Can I use any probiotic capsules? Is there an ideal bacteria number for making yogurt?

    • Kuvings

      We haven’t used any probiotic capsules, some people have said they do use them online with a longer incubation time of 18-24 hours instead of 8 which you can adjust manually on the machine.

  3. Joanne C.

    Hi have just received my geek yoghurt & cheese maker and on page 20 it mentions a vinegar/baking soda water (low content) to clean the bowl but does not explain what it is how to make it!

    • Kuvings

      To make the vinegar/baking soda water you mix 1 cup of water with 1 Tbsp Vinegar and 1 Tsp of baking soda (bi-carb soda): Wipe the lid and handle with a soft cloth soaked in the vinegar/soda water and finish with a dry cloth or paper towel.

  4. Joanne C.

    Where can I buy another bowl for this please?

  5. Karen

    Makes the best pickles and pickled onions.

  6. Janine

    Looking at purchasing the Greek yogurt and cheese maker, hoping you can tell me if it will make mozzarella cheese? Are you able to let me know the types of cheese it can be used for?

    • Kuvings

      To make Mozzarella cheese you need to be able to stretch and pull the curds by hand so it is not made in the Kuvings Yogurt and Cheese maker. If you google homemade mozzarella cheese you will see many recipes that will show you how to make it in about 30 mins.

      The cheeses we do make are Feta cheese, Cottage cheese and Cream cheese and we do have our own recipes that come with the machine.

  7. Susan Stewart

    Can your yogurt maker, make 24 hour yogurt?

    • Kuvings

      The default setting for making Yogurt on the machine is 8 hours at 42 C.
      You can manually adjust the time and temperature to suit your needs.

      When making 24hr yogurt is best done at 38 C so I would also adjust the temperature down a bit.

    • taka.yoshino

      Can I set the temperature manually by 1 degrees? Some fermenter only has preset like “yoghurt” “wine” “cheese” and cannot set the temperature…

      • Kuvings

        Hi Susan, yes you can control the temperature manually by 1 degree.

  8. Brad

    Do I need to preheat the milk to make either Greek yoghurt or feta cheese? If so what temperature do I use?

  9. Everdina

    As I have enjoyed the experience of making my own Greek yoghurt and Pickled Cucumbers, I was wondering what the fridge life is of each of these?

    • Kuvings

      Homemade yogurt is generally good for eating for up to 2 weeks, when stored in the refrigerator.
      For re-culturing another batch we recommend using the yogurt as a starter within 7 days to make a new batch.

      Pickles will keep for 3-4 months or longer but will lose their crunch over time.

  10. Emma

    I am interested in the yoghurt maker. When making yoghurt the instructions usually make me heat up the milk first in a saucepan. is that step not required when using this?

    • Kuvings

      When I make my Greek Yogurt I don’t heat it first because I use Made by Cow milk which is cold pressed raw milk and I don’t want to heat it… I have also used Goats milk and again I didn’t heat it first and it also worked well.

      I have tried A2 milk without heating and it didn’t produce much yogurt
      Other milks might need heating to 60C to thicken them before culturing.

      Heating the milk denatures the proteins, allowing them to form a stronger network when exposed to acid (like lactic acid produced by the bacteria in yogurt cultures).
      This may give you a firmer yogurt.

    • Jo

      Hello, we are a household who eat about 1kg yoghurt a day. I like that I could make 2kg with this model, however what is the capacity of the strainer? Can you strain 2 litres at a time?

      • Kuvings

        Hi Jo, the bowl size is 2 litres which is great for making pickled onion, cucumber etc. The yogurt recipe in the book uses 1000ml of milk and produces 400-500ml of yogurt when strained. You could try making double the recipe but this is not something we have done.

  11. Serena

    Just wanting to know if plant based yogurts and cheeses can be made in the yogurt maker?

    • Kuvings

      The Yogurt Maker does comes with a recipe for making Coconut Yogurt.

      As for other nut yogurts and cheeses our Yogurt maker will allow you to fully control the Time and Temperature.
      If you have a recipe that requires say 24hrs at 42C then you can set. If you need 12hrs at 65C you can set that also.

  12. Beth Bishop

    Can I buy an extra Strainer

  13. Barbara

    How do you sterilise in the microwave please

    • Kuvings

      HI Barbara, you pour 100mL of water into the bowl and put the bowl in a microwave. Let it run for two minutes and drain the water. After the parts cool off, dry them off with paper towel.

  14. Samantha Macgregor

    What types of cheese can you make

    • Kuvings

      Hi Samantha, We have made Feta cheese, Cottage cheese and Cream cheese.

  15. Adrian Holbeck

    What materials are the bowl containers and lid made from?

    • Kuvings


  16. Cat

    Hello, can milk be pasteurised in this machine?

    • Kuvings

      Hi Cat, this is not something we have done however if pasteurization requires temperatures of about 63°C maintained for 30 minutes then the machine is capable of temperature up to 70°C at up to 99 hours so it is possible.

    • taka.yoshino

      Can I manually set the temperature in number? Some electric fermenter only has preset functions like “yoghurt” “wine” “cheese” etc.

      • Kuvings

        Yes you can

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