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EVO820 Juicer + SV500M Blender (red)


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Pack Includes:

  • EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer (value $899)
  • SV500 Vacuum Blender Red (value $999)

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EVO820 Juicer Includes

EVO820 Juicer

Available in Red, Black, White, Silver, Grey Gold, Pink

Juice Maxi-Strainer

Fine Juice with Little to No Pulp

EVO820 Screw

Maximum juice is extracted using Kuvings technology

Juice Jugs

BPA Free Juice and Pulp Jugs


Nudge ingredients onto the press

Green Cleaning Brush

Easily clean the strainer

White Cleaning Brush

For extra cleaning

Kuvings Recipe Book

Over 100 juice recipes

What is a Vacuum Blender?

It’s a high speed blender capable of making all you favourite smoothies, dips and sauces but done without mixing air in the jug. 

A traditional blender creates lots of foam by blending air with the ingredients, reducing color, clarity and starting the oxidation process.


How does a Vacuum Blender work?

Removes the air from the jug before blending the ingredients. Traditional blending quickly separates the water and pulp as air bubbles attach to fibers.  

Vacuum blending minimizes contact between air and ingredients, keeping the original taste, flavor and more nutrients.