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Santoku Knife (7 in) Damascus Steel – red



  • A super-sharp knife, slightly shorter and more narrow than a chef’s knife, but equally as versatile and strong.
  • Super sharp, 67 Layer Japanese Steel Damascus Blade with a grey/black wooden handle
  • Blade is 7 inch (17.7cm) in length

Santoku Knife (7 inch)

I Have 3 Uses. The longer blade on this knife suits people with all types of experience. Slightly shorter, lighter and more narrow than a chef’s knife, but equally as versatile and strong. They are predominantly used for cutting, slicing and chopping. These guys originated from Japan, unlike the chef’s knife that originated in Germany and France.

Santoku Knives are best suited for:

  • Slicing, dicing or chopping fruits, vegetables and nuts
  • Mincing herbs and meat
  • Cutting meat and boning fish (some varieties)
  • Scooping food off a chopping board
  • Creating fine vegetable and seafood slices

Santoku Knives are not suited for:

  • Small precision tasks
  • Slicing bread
  • Cleaving meat bones (not typically)

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  • Blade size: 7in (17.7cm)
  • 67 Layer Japanese Steel Damascus Blade
  • Red / Black Wood Handle
  • High Carbon Forged Steel VG-10
  • Taper Grinding with Stone Polish

Damascus Care Instructions:

  • Cutting surfaces should be smooth, easy to clean, such as wooden, bamboo and polyethylene boards.
  • Avoid surfaces that can damage the blade, such as ceramic, stainless steel, granite, marble, porcelain and glass.

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