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Beginners Guide to Juice Cleansing eBook



We are super excited to help you discover more about juicing, cleansing, and living a healthy lifestyle. If you are a regular juice cleanser or doing one for the first time, we congratulate you and hope your experience is insightful, joyous, and maybe even life changing.

“Don’t wait until the signs you need to cleanse become a disease you need to heal!”

Published: January 2022
Pages: 40
File Format: Adobe PDF
Author: Gary and Julianne Dowse

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Juice Cleansing eBook Contents:

  • Top 7 Health Benefits of Juice Cleansing
    • More Raw
    • More Light
    • More Nutrition
    • More Antioxidants
    • More Life
    • Better Hydration
    • Less Toxicity
  • Juice Cleansing 101
    • feel lighter in 3-days
    • signs you need to cleanse
    • preparing for a juice cleanse
    • juice cleanse programs
    • tips for having a tough day
  • Breaking the Juice Cleanse
  • FAQ’s

Here’s a snippet…

Most of us know it’s important for our health to eat more fruits and vegetables. But let’s be honest, how many of us do it? Even if you follow a plant-based diet, you still need to drink juice to get more raw nutrients in.

Did you know that we are the only animal on the planet that cooks our food? Yes, that is a fact, so it’s even more beneficial to your health to get more raw (uncooked, unprocessed) fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Why raw? One word, Enzymes.

Whilst we all love our cooked foods, the truth is we miss out on all the valuable ‘heat sensitive’ nutrients and enzymes that nature offers as they are mostly destroyed in the cooking process.

Water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B and a group of nutrients called polyphenolics seem to be the most vulnerable to degradation in processing and cooking.

Canned peas and carrots for example lose 85 to 95 percent of their natural Vitamin C.

Any cooking destroys many enzymes found in raw food. In fact, any sustained heat of approximately 48-54 C and above destroys virtually all enzymes.

So, why are enzymes important?

Because enzyme rich foods actually “pre-digest” a significant portion of what we eat.

This means a lot less work for our body, and we don’t get the feeling of fatigue either after eating a big cooked meal.

Raw food, whether we eat it or drink it, is actually broken down via the natural enzymes before it enters the lower stomach. What this does, is it takes a lot of stress off the pancreas (and the entire body) by providing the natural enzymes required for digestion.

Happy Juicing,
Gary Dowse
Master Juice Chef


About Gary

Way back in 1997 I received my first black belt in Kung Fu. I was taught to fight, and I knew how to hurt people. One of my mentors said, “Gary you did good but if you want to be great you have to learn to heal people.” Hearing this changed my life and I have been passionate about health and healing ever since.

I studied Chinese Medicine with Professor Wong, trained for several years in Qigong with Master Liu, and became an Energy Medicine practitioner with the Four Winds Society under Dr. Alberto Villoldo and worked with clients for several years.

In 2013 both Julianne and I did a 3-day base camp up on the Gold Coast, with Cowboy Don Tolman – The Wholefood Medicine Man.

Learning the ancient wisdom of self-care, fasting, eating a wholefood plant-based diet, and following the 7 principles of health, as taught by Cowboy Don, set us both on a new path of juicing and teaching people about the preventative, restorative, healing powers of whole foods.

I very quickly wanted to learn more, so I furthered my studies getting certificates in Plant-based Nutrition with Coin T Campbell, Juice Therapy with The Juice Master Jason Vale, and earned a plant-based professional cooking certificate at Rouxbe International cooking school.

I now enjoy my day-to-day role as Master Juice Chef for Kuvings Australia and promoting my 1st Juice Chef Recipe Book.


All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher.

Disclaimer: information contained in this eBook is for educational purposes only sourced from various books, courses and websites. If you do anything recommended in this email without the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner, you do so at your own risk. Gary Dowse does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any food, drink, or technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical health issues. Gary is qualified to offer whole food plant-based nutritional education. Please consult with your licensed medical practitioner before making any changes to your current diet and lifestyle.

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