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NEW C8000 Professional Juicer

The professional C8000 Cold Press Juicer is available in Grey. Includes FREE Sorbet Maker accessory.

RRP $699

Domestic B8000

Cold Press Juicer

RRP $599

kuvings b8000

Professional C6500

Cold Press Juicer

RRP $749. On Sale $599

Kuvings C6500 Juicer

Professional C7000

Cold Press Juicer

Available in Silver, Black and Grey.

RRP $799

Kuvings C7000 Juicer

Professional E8000

Cold Press Juicer

Available in Red, Silver, White, Black and Matt Black

RRP $799

Kuvings E8000 Juicer

Evolution EVO820

Cold Press Juicer

Available in Red, Gold, Silver, Black, White, Rose and Grey.

RRP $899

Kuvings EVO820

Smart Juicer Motiv1

Cold Press Juicer

Includes Global Kuvings Smart BMI App with juice recipes.

RRP $1199

Kuvings Smart Juicer Red

Commercial CS600

Cold Press Juicer

The world’s 1st whole fruit commercial cold press juicer.

RRP $1995

Kuvings EVO820

Master Chef CS700

Cold Press Juicer

Durable Stainless Steel Body & Drum for commercial use!

RRP $2395

Kuvings EVO820

Juice Recipe Book Included

All our cold press juicers come with a full colour juice recipe book with 100’s of healthy, delicious juice, smoothie and sorbet recipes.

Look at all the delicious juice recipes you can create at home with every Kuvings cold press juicer.

A cold press juicer opens up a world of possablity for making fresh, healthy, homemade recipes. 

Celery Juice

Vegetable Juice


Immune Juices

Fruit Juices


Soy Milk


Frozen Desserts

Cold Press Smoothies


Nut Mylk

Top 5 Juicing Tips that every Cold Press Juicer Owner Needs

Learn how to make the best tasting juice recipes using your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer

Sorbet Maker

Juicer Accessories

Make the most of your cold press juicer with add on accessories. Be sure to check your model.

kuvings juicer spare parts

Spare Parts

All parts are available at our warehouse in Sydney. Warranty on most parts is 5 years. Have you registered?

What is Cold Press Juicing?

Cold pressed juicing refers to a type of juice – one that is created in a ‘pressing machine’. This type of juice machine crushes and presses the fruit and vegetable for the highest juice yield.

This type of juicer does not produce heat, which means you will receive a healthier and more nutritional juice.

Cold pressed juice can be made in larger quantities and stored in the fridge, ready for when you are. It will enrich your life and give you a new way to include many important living ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.

How to assemble you Kuvings Juicer?


  1. Place the strainer inside the wiper ring
  2. Align the strainer with the red dots  on the bowl.
  3. Insert the screw and twist to make sure it is in.
  4. Place the drum lid on the juicing bowl and again align the red dots 
  5. Align the down arrow ▼on the drum lid with the OPEN mark on the base and turn to the CLOSE position.

Why is Cold Press Juicing Better?

Most of us know it is important for our health to eat more fruits and vegetables. But let’s be honest how many of you actually do it? What you might not know is it’s even more beneficial to your health to get more raw (uncooked, unprocessed) fruits and vegetables into our diet. 

Raw equal enzymes!

Yep, when you make a cold press juice – the enzymes are still in the juice, it is raw, no heat is created and you are giving your body the dense nutrients it needs whilst resting your pancreas in the process!

Did you know you can also make sorbet?

It’s very easy to make your own homemade fresh sorbet with a cold press juicer.

All you need to do is remove the juicer strainer and blades and insert the blank sorbet strainer accessory.

The great thing about preparing sorbet yourself is you preserve all the nutritional value of the fruits without any added ingredients you might find in the shops.

Why Kuvings?
Our focus is on health and nutrition. Our machines maximise the nutrients and minimise the oxidation exposure. Kuvings brand is an International award winner for design and innovation.
Made in Korea
We are one of the leading manufacturers in Korea (think Samsung, LG, Hyundia) of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutritionally minded consumers since 1978.

20 Year Warranty

We stand by our cold press juicer patent technology with a full 20 year warranty on the motor, and 5 years on parts and labour. We design, build and manufacter every part of our juicers!

Taste the Difference

Only using a cold press juicer can you create the full nutrient rich, bright coloured juice recipes you need. Once you taste the difference you will never go back to traditional juicing again!

Popular Juices on Instagram

Check out the Cold Press Juicers in action!

Why is our B8000 Domestic Juicer a household staple? Key features include…

- Wide 76mm feeding chute
- Quiet operation
- Eco-friendly ULTEM screw for increased juice yield
- 3 in 1 Smart Cap
- Sorbet Maker
- BPA free
- Sleek design

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle with Kuvings! Send our team a DM to find the right model for you! ✨

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We know you'll just love the peppery, slightly sweet taste of this juice with a little lemon hit at the end. 🍋 Our Purple Reign juice...

1/2 purple cabbage
1 small beetroot
6 apples (red)
1/2 lemon

Happy juicing every time with our EVO820 Cold Press Juicer... 💜 Find out more today at our website.

16 3

Looking for a glass of juice to calm the nerves & to help with anxiety? 🍎💜🍋 Our Purple Reign juice recipe is for you... Coming soon!

Made with our top selling EVO820 Cold Press Juicer, take a closer look at our website today...

11 1

Is it getting hot in here or is it just Gary's Thermal Tonic juice recipe? 🔥

🥕 10 carrots
🥒 2 cucumbers
🔴 8 radishes
💛 1 ginger
❤️ ½ beetroot
🍋 1 lemon

We know you'll love the beautiful vibrant colour & taste of this juice. ❤️ Make it yourself with our featured E8000 Cold Press Juicer, head to our website for more info today!

27 2

Designed for fresher & faster juice, there’s nothing the E8000 can’t handle 💪🏼

📩 Send us a DM & let our sales team help you make the change today.

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Like a rainbow on a rainy day, our Rainbow Citrus Juice recipe is here! 🌈🍊 Mix up your morning glass of OJ with the following...

🌈 1 ruby red grapefruit
🌈 3 oranges
🌈 1 lemon
🌈 1 lime

Serve up rainbows every day with our EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer.

35 7

Love a glass of OJ in the morning? 🍊 Then you'll love our Rainbow Citrus juice, taking your morning glass to the next level. Recipe coming very soon! 💛

Do you know what else you'll love? Our featured EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer, head to our website to find out why today. 💛

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✨ Introducing our Kuvings E8000 Professional Cold Press Juicer...

- Available in 5 colours
- 45 mins continuous use
- Maxi-strainer & upgraded juicing screw
- 82mm-wide self feeding lid
- Easy to use & clean
- Easy washing wider pulp outlet
- Clean & convenient smart cap

✨ For a juicer with faster & more convenient functions, head to our website or send us a DM to chat to our team today.

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✨ Introducing our EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer...

- Stylish leather pattern design
- New 5th generation drum set
- "O" shape flip gate feeding tube
- 82mm feeding gap (wider than previous models)
- Easy washing pulp outlet
- Strongest lid with 4 lock in points
- 20 years warranty on motor, 5 years on parts
- FREE shipping Australia wide

✨ For a juicer that's revolutionary inside & out, head to our website or send us a DM to chat to our team today.

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Make your own refreshing fruity water at home with these flavoured ice cubes.🧊 We used pineapple, oranges & apples to make ours but you can use any of your favourite fruits! 🍊

Using fresh cold pressed juice keeps all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & anti-inflammatory goodness from the fruit & adds them to your glass of water. 💚 Made with ease with our E8000 Cold Press Juicer, have fun making your own this week at home.

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