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Manuka Honey

Which Manuka Honey to Buy?

EATING – Entry-level 2+ (30 MGO). Multifloral Manuka is the starting point. It contains some other nectar sources such as Tea Tree, Eucalyptus & Kanuka.

DRINKING – Occasional use 5+ (85 MGO). If you like to enjoy a cup of tea with honey, or as a sugar replacement, this honey is perfect!

SOOTHING – Daily use 10+ (250 MGO). High strength, yet affordable enough to be used every day! The 10+ Manuka can be used therapeutically to treat sore throats and ease congestion.

REMEDY – High potency 15+ (500 MGO). Super high strength, use it as a health tonic, to reduce inflammation and tooth decay or part of your skincare routine.

REPAIR – Extra strength 20+ (750 MGO). This is the highest strength honey you can buy. Rare honey that is hard to get and can be used for healing burns, wounds, and ulcers.


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