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Let’s tango! * Well, the dancing is optional but we know you’ll want to dance for joy when you try our Pineapple Smoothie Recipe.

Experience a new taste combination of sweet-and-sour fruits like pineapple, mango, orange and coconut milk.

It was tart and tangy with just the right amount of sweetness. The texture was light and the colour vibrant.


  • Pineapple 100 g
  • Mango (fresh or frozen) 100 g
  • Orange 150 g
  • Coconut milk 400ml

Super simple & delicious, blended with ease using our SV400 Vacuum Blender.


Add the coconut milk to the blender first. Then add the orange wedges, the diced pineapple pieces and finally the diced mango.

Select t

he automatic vacuum and blend function to blend all the ingredients automaticallt under vacuum.


  • Slice off the orange skin and white pith
  • Cut into quarters


  • Cut a thin slice or two
  • Slice off the outer skin
  • Chop into medium size dic


  • Chop the cheeks into medium size dice