Why Vacuum Blending?

One-touch auto button

You can make ingredients in your desired texture conveniently with the auto function or you can do your own customized grinding of ingredients into your desired particle size.

Eco-friendly tritan container (BPA Free)

BPA-free and eco-friendly tritan, transparent container allows you to see how ingredients are processed and experience various types of fun.

Safety lock structure

Safety sensor that operates only when the vacuum container perfectly sits in the main body makes the product safe; performs LED and buzzer.

Motor protection sensor

Preventing overheating of the motor, the motor protection sensor protects the strong high-speed motor safely. In case of overload of ingredients, it blocks automatically for safety.

Quiet Operation

The blending noise is minimized with the removable noise reduction cover.
With the average sound level in the 75dB range, a conversation can still be carried while the bender is in use.

Smoother, Richer Colours

3.5 HP Power Blending

The ultra high-speed blender processes at 32,000rpm, significantly reducing the total blending time.
Shorter blending time means less nutritional loss during the blending process.
It boasts the 3.5HP(peak) that can easily pulverize any tough ingredients and makes consistently smooth beverages.

Life-Changing Technological Innovation

SV500 High Speed Vacuum Blender

The new concept of a blender, which has vacuum technology integrated into a high speed blender, prevents oxidation and provides you with fresh fibre and nutrition. Particularly for a high speed blender, it makes less noise so as to ease the inconvenience caused by noise from existing high speed blenders. Enjoy more vivid colours, fresher flavours and fibre with the magic of the soft vacuum technology of Kuvings!

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