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Kuvings REVO830 Cold Press Juicer

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Kuvings REVO830 Juicer Reviews

Kuvings REVO830 Latest Model

Carrot & Celery Juicer

Love to juice Carrots or Celery? Well, we introduce our latest model the Kuvings REVO830 which has an additional 45mm feeding chute that easily takes whole Carrots, Celery & Cucumber (it’s also great for pineapple strips, kale, and spinach).

Plus, you still have the standard 82mm flip gate for whole ingredients.

What’s more…this is by far our most innovative design to date, it extracts more juice with drier than dry pulp!

Auto-cutting System

Reduces Preparation

The new commercial-grade screw (Auger) has a self-cutting top (new design), when you drop carrots, celery and cucumber into the feeding chute, the screw chops the ingredients before pressing!

Stronger Motor

More powerful to handle volume juicing!

The torque of the gearbox connected to the motor has increased by 13%, and the durability of the gearbox has increased by 35% compared to previous models.

REVO830 Feeding Chute

Dual Feeding

Two feeding chutes, a narrow 45mm feeding chute designed to take whole carrots, celery, kale, cucumber, spinach and pineapple strips and a wide 82mm feeding chute flip gate that easily takes whole ingredients.

Auto-Cutting Screw

The screw (augur) now has a chopping mechanism on the upper part which instantly chops any of your longer fruits and vegetables (carrots, cucumber, celery, pineapple, kale, spinach) before pressing.

New Smart Cap

The easy grip Smart Cap helps you mix your juice in the bowl, stop drips and you can even close the cap and do a pre-rinse with water, before cleaning. And, it can be easily removed (when making sorbets or to clean) if you need.

REVO830 Stronger Motor

Stronger Motor

A new stronger, more powerful motor with good ventilation that can easily handle volume juicing. Best of all, it is still quiet due to the noise reduction design.

REVO830 Juice Jugs

Easy Grip Jugs

Easy to grip and even easier to store, our newly designed juice and pulp jugs are square and fit neatly inside each other for easy storage.

REVO830 Pulp Outlet

Wider Pulp Outlet

Maximum pulp ejection capability with our wider pulp outlet, making it easier to clean and to ensure the juice and pulp flows effortlessly.

Kuvings REVO830

Our dedication to ‘revolutionise’ the way you juice!


 Model REVO830
 UseDomestic, Commercial
 Colours AvailableSilver, Black, White, Red
 FeederDual Feeding Chutes (45mm & 82mm)
 Speed50 RPM
 VoltageAC220-240V, 50/60Hz
 Dimensions256 x 210 x 480 (mm)
 Maximum Use60 minutes continuous
 MaterialsUltem, Tritan, ABS, PC

A Popular Choice on Instagram

Check out the REVO830 in action!

You can’t argue with the quality of juice from our REVO830 Cold Press Juicer, see the colour for yourself! 🍍 ...

8 1

From juices, nut mylks to ice poles, there are endless possibilities with our REVO830 Cold Press Juicer.
What would like to make? Let us know in the comments below!

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Our REVO830 Cold Press Juicer extracts more juice with drier than dry pulp to ensure you get the most out of your juice!✨ ...

4 1

Maximum juice with minimum effort! It has to be our REVO830 Cold Press Juicer.✨ ...

12 1

It will be LOVE at first sip when you experience our REVO830 Cold Press Juicer. ❤️ ...

1 1

Impress your loved ones with this beautiful and tasty Sunset Juice.

All you need are:
- 5 oranges
- 1 pineapple
- Pomegranate syrup

Made easily with our REVO830 Cold PressJuicer. ❤️

26 3

Our stylish REVO830 Cold Press Juicer belongs in your kitchen! 🌟

Head to our website to explore more.

6 1

Enjoy creamy nut mylk any day with our REVO830 Cold Press juicer.

From peanut to chocolate hazelnut mylk, let your creativity run free. ✨

11 1

Creamy nut mylk made easily and quickly with the REVO830 Cold Press Juicer. ❤️ ...

25 6

Kuvings REVO830 Cold Press Juicer is the juicer you’ve been waiting for!

Explore all the product features of this incredible product on our website! ✨

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Start making delicious Peanut Mylk at home with our REVO830 Whole Slow Juicer! 🥜

All you need is:
- 2 cups of roasted peanuts
- 2 cups of water
- Choice of sweetener
- Pinch of salt

19 1

You can’t argue with the quality of juice from our REVO830 Whole Slow Juicer.

Enjoy vibrant, fresh juices easily, everyday. Find out more about our revolutionary juicer on our website! ✨

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Kuvings REVO830 Reviews…

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