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The Evolution is here!!!

Kuvings EVO820 Cold Press Juicer 

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The New O shape flip gate

Easier and More convenient

The new 5th generation O shape flip gate is wider than the existing models for easier juicing and has only one feeding entrance let convenient juicing possible.

Wider 82mm Feeding chute

Reduce the juicing & Preparation time.

The 82mm feeding chute, which is wider than the existing models can let putting larger ingredients without cutting, leading to fast juicing.

Leather Pattern New Design

Stylish design for premium quality

The front leather pattern and the streamlined body let you feel luxurious, and the trendy color scheme consisting of 7 colours of Red, Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose, Black, White has broadened the consumer choice.


Upgraded Drum lid is improved by adding assembling point from ‘3’ to ‘4’, letting Drum set to be assembled stronger & more stabled.


5th generation drum improves durability and expulsive power by changing the internal structure and combination of the juice strainer.

Easy Washing

The upper part of pulp outlet is opened, and the width is wider than the previous models letting fine residue to be cleaned up easily.


The flip gate system is designed to prevent children’s small hands from entering feeding chute, and it is a universal design that can be used conveniently and safely to everyone.


Optional Citrus Module can make peculiar citrus juice with texture of the fiber, customer can enjoy their favorite juice.


The container is made of Tritan that is free of environmental hormones(Bisphenol A), and the juicing mesh and screw are made of safe and durable ULTEM.

Kuvings EVO820

Our dedication to create a Premium Juicer


 Model EVO820
 UseDomestic, Commercial
 Colours AvailableRed, Silver, Grey, Black, White, Gold, Rose
 TypeVertical low-speed masticating
 Speed50 RPM
 VoltageAC220-240V, 50/60Hz
 Dimensions201 x 239 x 490 (mm)
 Maximum Use60 minutes continuous
 MaterialsUltem, Tritan, ABS, PC

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Check out the EVO820 in action!

Hit refresh this summer with our Grape Ape juice, made with the smart EVO820 Evolution Juicer! 🍏

500g green grapes
2 green apples
½ cup mint leaves
½ lime
750ml sparkling mineral water

Our EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer uses a super fine strainer, leaving no pulp in your juice! Learn more at the link in bio. 🧡

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With its sleek design, luxurious leather pattern and powerful motor, our EVO820 Evolutions Juicer is designed to be in your kitchen! ✨

We loved using our top selling cold press juicer for this month’s Grape Ape recipe! With it’s wide flip-gate, it makes juicing apples easy. 🍏

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Our EVO820 Evolution juicer has quickly become one of our most popular Cold Press Juicers! 🍍

Want to learn more about this exceptional product? Send our team a DM to chat with our knowledgeable sales team. 📩

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Our Squeaky Green juice is here to help with your weight loss goals this spring! 🥬

Recipe details coming soon! Want to learn more about our EVO820 Evolution Juicer and how it can help you on your health journey? Head to our website. 💚

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We’re going green for our next juice recipe! 🥬

To achieve a pulp-free juice, we’ve used our EVO820 Evolution Juicer in the Kuvings kitchen. Fitted with a super fine strainer designed to leave no pulp, this Cold Press Juicer uses our 5th generation technology, making it one of our most popular products!

Follow the link in our bio to learn more about our EVO820 Evolution Juicer! ✨

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It’s time to take a deep breath with our new juice recipe, Breathe Easy! 💛

Made with our EVO820 Evolution Juicer, it makes juicing apples easy thanks to its wide ‘O’ flip gate lid.

Learn more about our Cold Press Juicers on our website! 🍍
​#antiinflammatory #allergies #springallergies #springjuice

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We know you'll just love the peppery, slightly sweet taste of this juice with a little lemon hit at the end. 🍋 Our Purple Reign juice...

1/2 purple cabbage
1 small beetroot
6 apples (red)
1/2 lemon

Happy juicing every time with our EVO820 Cold Press Juicer... 💜 Find out more today at our website.

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Looking for a glass of juice to calm the nerves & to help with anxiety? 🍎💜🍋 Our Purple Reign juice recipe is for you... Coming soon!

Made with our top selling EVO820 Cold Press Juicer, take a closer look at our website today...

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Like a rainbow on a rainy day, our Rainbow Citrus Juice recipe is here! 🌈🍊 Mix up your morning glass of OJ with the following...

🌈 1 ruby red grapefruit
🌈 3 oranges
🌈 1 lemon
🌈 1 lime

Serve up rainbows every day with our EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer.

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Love a glass of OJ in the morning? 🍊 Then you'll love our Rainbow Citrus juice, taking your morning glass to the next level. Recipe coming very soon! 💛

Do you know what else you'll love? Our featured EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer, head to our website to find out why today. 💛

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✨ Introducing our EVO820 Evolution Cold Press Juicer...

- Stylish leather pattern design
- New 5th generation drum set
- "O" shape flip gate feeding tube
- 82mm feeding gap (wider than previous models)
- Easy washing pulp outlet
- Strongest lid with 4 lock in points
- 20 years warranty on motor, 5 years on parts
- FREE shipping Australia wide

✨ For a juicer that's revolutionary inside & out, head to our website or send us a DM to chat to our team today.

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