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CS600 Commercial Cold Press Juicer

Commercial Model

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    Kuvings CS600 Commercial Juicer

  • cs600 commercial cold press juicer

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Product Features

Smart Cap

Easily blend juice together and completely stops the juice from dripping when complete. Allows quick and easy rinsing between different recipes.

88mm Wide Mouth

Extra-wide 88mm (3.5 inch) feeding chute takes in whole, uncut ingredients and leaves no juice behind to provide maximum nutrition for your body.

Powerful 200W Motor

Manufactured in-house the powerful, low-speed motor is able to process very fibrous fruits and vegetables. The unit stays cool, quiet, and stable thanks to the slow processing speed.

Crafted for Safety

A dual safety system with a 3-way ventilation channel made with high quality and durable materials to provide the tastiest juice with most nutrition.

Extra Wide Mouth

88mm Flip Gate (feeding basket) provides faster and easier juice extracting. The gate can take in entire ingredients, decreasing extracting time, saving the natural tastes of ingredients and minimizing nutrition loss. The flip gate ensures safe usage in commercial use.

Other Highlights Include:

  • The world’s First Commercial Whole Slow Juicer
  • 20 – 40 litres per hour
  • Unique Cold pressed juicing system
  • Stainless steel chassis – extra strength components
  • Heavy duty quiet motor – 200 watts efficient juicing

New Stronger ULTEM screw

Kuvings have produced a new auger for the CS600 which can again can easily crush and press a whole fruit.

Other design changes include a deep recess at the bottom of the auger which reduces pulp in the extract and gives greater yield. Unlike the existing screw, the deep hole at the bottom reduces even more pulp in the extract, making more juice.

The new screw not only strongly squeezes whole ingredients but quickly discharges pulp in the drum smoothly in order to increase the amount of juice.


Cleaning tool

A patented rotating brush for optimal hygiene and easy cleaning.

CS600 Commercial Juicer

The Kuvings CS600 Commercial model brings the benefits of slow, cold press juicing to the world of the professional chef or caterer.

Manufactured in Korea, with premium quality materials. Unlike other juicers that are made elsewhere, the Kuvings CS600 uses the latest and most durable material. a low wattage, high gearing motor that is build to last, BPA free bowl that is extremely durable, stainless steel base, and a redesigned, exclusive recipe book.

Key Features

  • Designed Specifically for Commercial Use
  • On demand solution especially designed with your business in mind
  • Patented Cold Press Motor
  • 24 hour Continuous  Use
  • Produces up to 40 litres per hour
  • International Brand with their own factory
  • Made in Korea with high quality components
  • Stainless Steel External Housing
  • Efficient Juicing for High Yield
  • More Nutrients
  • More Flavor
  • Excellent Warranty and Customer Service

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