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This is a really quick and easy non-dairy, vegan Oat Mylk that is beautifully flavoured and doesn’t have any sliminess!!! If you’ve ever tried to make Oat Mylk at home, chances are you’ve discovered that Oat Mylk has a really common tendency to go slimy once you activate those enzymes that bind the oats together (that’s why it so good in porridge!!!), but don’t be put off because we have found the perfect way to make Oat Mylk without it being slimy!

Follow these 3 tips to delicious (non-slimy) oat mylk:

TIP 1: WATER – only use ice-cold water when you make your oat mylk

TIP 2: NO SQUEEZING – don’t squeeze the nut mylk bag/cloth when you are passing the mylk through it into your jug/container, just let it filter through.

TIP 3: BLEND TIME – only blend for 30 seconds, do not over-blend (the heat generated from the blades, will activate the oats and it will turn slimy


If you are new to dairy-free mylks or need a mylk that is nut-free, then Oat Mylk is worth a try. It’s a close substitute for dairy milk, and it’s only 3 ingredients. Oats, Water with a touch of sweetener and/or salt, so it’s easy to make and very easy to drink or to use in baking when your recipe calls for a vegan mylk.


Ingredients (makes 1.5 litres)

  • 1 cup organic rolled oats
  • 6 cups ice-cold filtered water
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 medjool date (pitted)
  • pinch of salt

Blended with Kuvings SV500 Vacuum Blender

Step 1: Gather your ingredients and place them into the blender as follows:

  • Put the oats, vanilla, date, salt and water into your jug

Step 2: Blend all together in your Kuvings Vacuum Blender

  • Place the lid on the jug and the noise-reduction cover on
  • Touch ‘power on’ button
  • Turn the dial to maximum blend and ONLY blend for 30 seconds (count to 30 in your head and turn the dial back to O)

Step 3: Pour through your nut mylk bag into a glass jug/container

  • Cover your glass jug/container with your nut mylk bag (or fine tea towel if you don’t have a bag)
  • Pour your oat mylk into your container, passing it through the nut mylk bag (DO NOT SQUEEZE)
  • Let it drain through, and…if you feel it needs it, run it through your nut mylk bag twice (it also helps to rinse your nut mylk bag in between filters).
  • Discard the pulp (or save it for baking).

There you have it, a quick and delicious oat mylk for you to make as you need. It will store for about 5-7 days in the fridge.

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