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Value Imagery helps businesses create engaging content to connect with their customers and help grow their business.

Founded in 2015, they operate from Byron Bay, NSW with the nimbleness and creative connections to work on any project, big or small, anywhere within Australia.

Kuvings engaged Value Imagery for a series of Masterclasses with their Juice Chef, Gary Dowse.

Filming each fortnight over a period of six months, high quality content was created, styled, produced, and professionally delivered to help us connect more fully with our customers and showcase the features and benefits of owning a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer.

Sharkey and his team were an absolute joy to work with. There wasn’t anything too hard, no suggestion too crazy or no idea they wouldn’t work with. From creating a look-a-like café to capturing our entire range of juicer models so customers could learn more about our range, the whole team was a delight from start to finish!

So, what does it take to bring a live stream video production to our customers?

Behind the Scenes

Well, for starters, it takes some pre-production planning, a great creative team, a professional stylist, and some post-production edits to bring the quality finished product to market.

With multi-camera live streaming, Sharkey and his crew were able to capture all of the features of each juicer to help our customers understand the difference between our models and also why a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer is so beneficial.

We filmed inside and out. In bucketing rain and clear blue skies. We had noise interruptions from courier vans and rubbish trucks and kids being kids. And, on more than one occasion we had to move people on from their loud and boisterous conversation right within filming range.

And in the end, our Juice Chef made over 50 recipes and used every model in our Juicer Range. He made smoothies and sorbets, dips, icecream and of course, lots and lots of juice!

Among the crew’s favourites were Salted Caramel Nice Cream, Jaffa Smoothie, Hemp Seed Mylk & Workout Juice.

And we even created a look-a-like ‘Kuvings Café’ to demonstrate the benefits of our Commercial Range and how quick and easy it is to bottle juice and provide on-demand juices within a café.

All in all, a wonderfully successful project with a crew of creatives who took everything in their stride and worked tirelessly to deliver the absolute best content for Kuvings Australia.

So, who is Value Imagery?

Endless Summer

Holidaying in Byron Bay with his wife, Sharkey (a keen surfer) was having a really hard time giving up the holiday lifestyle they had enjoyed, to go back to work in the States – where he was from.

With a degree in Cinema Production & Photography, he knew the daily grind of working within the Hollywood ‘movie scene’ wasn’t his vibe. Much preferring the laid-back lifestyle of Byron than the hustle and bustle of New York City – he decided to use his degree to help local small businesses create engaging, quality content without needing a big Hollywood or Corporate budget!

Sharkey started out as a one-man band and it wasn’t long before Value Imagery had a crew and they moved onto bigger productions.

From being in the outback and having to manage a whole production crew off-grid for Kimberley Kampers, to enjoying life through a tourist lens for Tourism Victoria where he got to shoot wineries, golfing venues, Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road.

Value Imagery is most proud of the work they do to give people a voice and to help those less fortunate. Sharkey and his team have worked closely with Byron Shire and Tweed Shire on various projects. One of his most inspiring shoots was where he got to help bring awareness around accessibility and what the Shire was doing to help people in the community. He particularly liked giving a voice to some of the local characters who had an opportunity to share their stories of what it’s like for them to live in ‘the shire’ to effect change in and around the local areas.

Calling for Tourism

Value Imagery is well set up to create engaging content for all businesses – they have multi-camera live streaming; live stream video production and they are well known for being a top end marketing video production company. But, with a love for travel and capturing the essence of what it is to be a tourist, he is particularly drawn to use his expertise and crew to work on Tourism Projects.

5 Star Rating

If quality, engaging content is what you are after, then Kuvings Australia recommends Sharkey and his crew @ Value Imagery to take care of your next project!  | 02 560 960 05  |

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