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Glass Water Bottles

The Kuvings range of glass water bottles are highly recommended for storing your fresh cold press juice, smoothies, water, milks and teas.

They are safe, toxin-free and extremely tough being made from Borosilicate glass, commonly known for its durability and thermal stress properties.

Using a glass water bottle means your drink remains free of harmful chemicals found in many plastic bottles. No chemicals will leech from the glass, so they are safe and healthy for you to use.

Borosilicate glass

Most of us are more familiar with this type of glass in the form of ovenware and other heat-resisting ware, better known under the trade name Pyrex.

Borosilicate glass (or sodium-borosilicate glass) is made mainly of silica (70-80%) and boric oxide (7-13%) with smaller amounts of the alkalis (sodium and potassium oxides) and aluminium oxide.

This type of glass has a relatively low alkali content and consequently has both excellent chemical durability and thermal shock resistance – meaning it doesn’t break when changing temperature quickly.

Borosilicate glass is not toxic, it is used heavily in both cooking ware and in laboratory glassware.

Cafe Series Glass Bottle Range

Our customers love just how versatile our Cafe Series bottles are!

The sturdy glass and stainless tell lid make them perfect for storing your homemade sauces in.


Are your herbs & spices running wild in your pantry? Well we have the solution… our 150ml Cafe Series bottles!


Are you always on the look out for better kitchen storage solutions to keep your homemade dressings & sauces fresher for longer.


The best storage option for everyday juice, water or smoothies. 

1 litre - 1000ml

When you need to make larger quantities of your favourite juice then the 1 litre option is for you.

The Kuvings Sports Water Bottle Range

All Kuvings sports water bottles are made from high quality borosilicate glass.

The glass is further protected with a range of colourful protective silicone sleeves.


Sipper Lid Bottles

550ml Toughened Glass – Drink Bottle with Silicon Sleeve.
Available in Orange, Pink, Black, Purple, Red, Green, Blue and Sage

Straw Bottles

591ml Toughened Glass – Drink Bottle with Silicon Sleeve and straw.
Available in Orange, Green, Blue, Red

Carry Lid Bottles

520ml Borosilicate Glass bottle with Moulded silicon sleeve.
Available in Green, Orange, Blue, Red, White, Black and Purple.

Handle Lid Bottles

550ml Toughened Glass – Drink Bottle with Silicon Sleeve.
Available in Purple, Pink, Cyan, Aqua, Blue, Grey, Red, Lime.

Store in Glass Bottles

When you make juice in cold press juicer the juice can be stored, in a sealed glass bottle in the fridge, for up to 72 hours and still keep its nutritional benefits and colour!

Dishwasher Safe Drink Bottles

All Kuvings glass drink bottles can be used for hot or cold beverages or soups and are dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning after use.

Kuvings Joy Peace Love Range

High quality glass drinking bottles with a choice of printed words “Today I choose… JOY or LOVE or PEACE” printed onto the glass. All bottles come with a Neoprene pouch to help protect the glass when travelling.

One Litre Drink Bottles

1 Litre Glass Water Bottles with Stainless Steel Lid.
Comes with a Neoprene pouch to protect the bottle.

Love Peace Joy – Green

500ml glass bottles with Today I choose… LOVE PEACE or JOY printed on glass. Includes Neoprene pouch.

Kuvings Glass Tea Bottles

High quality glass tea bottles with stainless steel strainers for loose leaf tea or fruit slices.

Bamboo Lids

Double wall glass bottle with Stainless Steel tea infuser, Neoprene sleve & Bamboo lid. Available in 420ml and 300ml.

Travel Tea Bottles

500ml Glass Tea infuser that can unscrew from the bottom and the top of the bottle for easy use and cleaning.

Love Peace Joy – Purple

500ml glass bottles with Today I choose… LOVE PEACE or JOY printed on glass. Includes Neoprene pouch.


Kuvings glass water bottles are easier to clean and are free of harmful chemicals.

Plastic drinking bottles can take 450+ years to disintegrate and their photo-degradation releases toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. Plastic also becomes lower quality plastic as they go through the recycling process, meaning their material value will continue to decrease with reuse.

Glass bottles are 100% recyclable, and can be recycled endlessly without any degradation of quality.

If your main concern when choosing a drinking is chemical leaching and the impacts of raw material extraction then glass is your best bet.

For the sake of the environment please reuse your glass bottle as much as possible before putting out for recycling.