Juicing Tips Whole Slow Juicer

  • No need to cut apples, pears
  • Carrots are best cut length ways in half
  • Celery stalks need to be copped
  • Oranges taste better with rind removed
  • Soft lemons best juiced with the skin on cut in half
  • Lemons with hard skin are best juiced sliced
  • Kale leaves with the stalks is juiced best chopped
  • Wheat grass is best juiced in the smoothie strainer for more juice and more nutrition
  • Allow juicer to juice what is in the chute before putting more fruit and vegetables in
  • Always keep an eye on the pulp, whatever you put in must come out, either into juice or pulp
  • Give the juicer time to “eat” and produce the best cold press juice for you and your family
  • Nut Milks are made in the juicing strainer (nuts must be soaked)
  • Nut Butters are made in the blank sorbet accessory
  • Closing the juice cap while juicing, blends flavors together creating tasty juices
  • Pouring water into the juice bowl with the cap closed after juicing helps create easy cleaning of your juicer

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