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Juicing for Weight Loss

If you start any type of calorie restriction diet, like juicing, you will lose weight.

The reason you will lose weight is because the first response of the body to calorie restriction is to break down glucose stores for energy. When the stores of glucose are exhausted, ketosis begins which is when your body starts to break down any fat to release energy. The longer you go the more fat your will release.

The real question about weight loss and juicing is… will you keep it off after juicing?

Real weight loss isn’t about restriction, it’s about eating better.

When you add more fresh juice into your daily diet you are less likely to eat the “bad stuff” because you are giving the body all the “good stuff” it needs. In this way juicing can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals. You only GET what you GIVE so give yourself the good stuff.

There are many articles written about juicing being unhealthy. This is because the juice they are referring to in those articles is always commercially made, store-bought juices. They often contain preservatives, have been pasteurized, and are NOT healthy juices. The kind of juice I am talking about is fresh-made, cold-pressed juice full of vital nutrients, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and hydrating water every cell in your body needs to thrive.

In my juicing experience, those who have weight to lose, do, and those who don’t, don’t.

I have seen people juice fast for 7 days and lose weight and others juice fast and not. The thing is if you haven’t got any obvious fat to lose, you might find that you clean up in certain areas – around your face, arms, legs, neck – places that don’t hold a lot of weight. These areas might lighten up after a juice fast.

You’ll be surprised how much padding you carry – particularly around your neck and face.

If you are juicing for obvious weight loss don’t over do it on the first go and don’t set unrealistic expectations. You are not going to get a flat stomach in 3 days. Getting to your ideal weight through gradual small improvements will be more sustainable long term then any fast, rapid weight loss.


Where to Start

1. New to Juicing – add 250 – 500ml of fresh juice to your day. If you are not used to eating fresh fruits then start with vegetable-based juices that have fewer fruits.

2. Meal Replacement – if you feel good drinking juice then replace one meal a day with 1 litre of fresh juice. Find a favourite recipe or three that are easy to make and drink it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Juice Fast – if you feel called to jump straight into doing a 7-day juice challenge then you will need to drink 2-3 litres of juice each day. I prefer to make 1 litre for breakfast, 1 litre for lunch and 1 litre for dinner. Check out our Juice Cleanse eBooks

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Your Mental State

The #1 benefit you get from juicing isn’t weight loss, it is how it affects your mental state. Going for at least three days on nothing but freshly extracted, living juice and stopping caffeine, refined sugar and radical fats will help you think clearer with a heightened state of mental sharpness. Cravings for junk food are reduced and the desire to eat and drink well are increased.

I believe there is something special that happens when you start juicing, maybe it is just me but don’t take my word for it. Do it yourself and see!!!

Juice Recipes for Weight Loss


Check out these great juicing books

Many people have written books about the benefits of juicing including myself and my wife Julianne. Some are scientific, some are stories about people’s lives and some are from research. Most of the books about juicing are written because someone got benefits. They used juicing to improve their health and are now they are sharing what they found with others.

If you are interested in learning more the maybe these juicing books will be of interest.


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Juicing for weight loss is not a magic wand that will wash away years of overindulgence of food and beverages. It is a simple solution to help you make changes both physically and mentally.

Happy Juicing.


Gary is passionate about healthy eating and lifestyle. He is a qualified Plant-Based Professional Chef with certifications in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition and Natural Juice Therapy.

Gary Dowse

Master Juice Chef



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