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When it comes to making a juice for blood pressure you must first consider medical advice from your licenced GP. Around the world millions of people are unaware they have high blood pressure, yet it affects more than one in four adults on average.

If you have Hypertension, which means your blood pressure is higher than the recommended level, it is an extremely serious condition and can lead to strokes and heart attacks. Please seek medical advice if you feel you may be hypertensive.

Heart Beet Juice

Juicing, in my opinion, is always a great way to get more raw nutrients into the body that we may not consume on a daily basis. Beetroot and Spinach, for example, are rarely eating raw and even cooked they don’t make it to the plate very often so juicing them is a great way to get a good dose of the healing powers from the natural enzymes and phytonutrients contained in their fibres.

Here is my recommended natural juice for blood pressure that may be benefit some people with this condition.


  • 2 beetroot (medium size)
  • 3 apples
  • 2 handful spinach


Slice the beetroot into thin slices and roughly chop the spinach.

Cold Press Juicing:

Begin by juicing the spinach first in order to get maximum amount of green juice from the leaves.
Next juice the thin slices of beetroot one at a time as to not overload the juicing press.
Finish juicing with the apples whole if they fit or cut if they are larger.

Happy Juicing!!!

Health Notes

Beetroot – Studies and clinical trials have shown remarkable effects from incorporating beetroot juice into the diet and the correlation between this and reduced blood pressure. One study at the Peninsula Medical School concluded that drinking just 500ml of juice a day resulted in reduced blood pressure just one hour after drinking the juice.

Spinach – When it comes to helping the blood vessels relax, magnesium is a vital mineral to call upon, as this in turn helps to naturally lower blood pressure. Spinach is high in magnesium which works with calcium to support proper blood pressure and protect the heart.

Apple – Apples are high in a soluble fibre called pectin that forms a gel-like substance in the intestine. This gel can bind to cholesterol, removing it from the body, which may aid in reducing blood pressure levels.

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SEASONAL SPOTLIGHT // Why not try something new & make the most of the seasonal fruit Autumn has to offer. 🍂

TAMARILLO – this fruit has a slightly sweet & intense flavour. The skin is bitter & as such, usually doesn't get eaten. ❤️

We love using these as a base for gazpacho or in a salad. 🥗 How do you love to use yours?

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Our Super Seed Nut Butter spread on toast, topped with blueberries & maple syrup. 💙 Can you think of a better way to start a cool autumn day? 🍁

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You'll go nuts for our Super Seed Nut Butter made with our SV400 Vacuum Blender...🥜

- 1 cup almonds
- 1 cup pecans
- 1 cup cashews
- ½ cup sunflower seeds
- coconut oil
- 2 tbsp flaxseed meal
- 2 tbsp chia seeds
- 2 tbsp cinnamon
- ½ tsp sea salt

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Why choose a cold press juicer? 🤔

With no heat & oxygen being used in the process, no nutrients are lost or destroyed, unlike in regular centrifugal juicers. 💚

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Weekly Cold Press Juice Recipe! 💚
Lettuce In Juice

• 2 cos lettuce hearts
• 2 cucumbers
• 1 celery heart
• 2 apples (red)
• 1/2 lemon

The humble lettuce often gets tossed aside as garnish on a plate. This is a shame because they are packed with nutrients, full of living water and perfect for juicing.

I named this juice lettuce in because it helps lift depression, thin the blood and open up the heart. I specifically used the heart of the lettuce and celery to signify this meaning.

This juice is a great lunchtime juice. Super hydrating, a little bitter and sour taste, perfect if you don't like juices that are too sweet.

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Did you know you can make your very own nut butter using just your Kuvings Vacuum Blender? 🥜💛

We will show you just how easy it is with our upcoming recipe video! 👨‍🍳 We decided to use a variety of seeds & nuts, can you spot any of your faves?

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SEASONAL SPOTLIGHT // Autumn hosts a variety of more interesting fruits you don't see all year round! 🍂

PRICKLY PEAR – these neon fruits provide delicious juice that tastes like a cross between all-natural bubble gum (if indeed there is such a thing) and watermelon. 💜

Prickly pear fruit are high in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, making them great to add to your daily juice. ☀️ Have you tried this interesting fruit before?

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KUVINGS TOP TIP// When juicing your papaya, simply cut into several chunks to fit down the chute of your juicer & juice with the skin on. 🧡

We recommend scooping out the seeds if you don't like their strong flavour.

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Gary Dowse

Gary Dowse

Master Juice Chef

Health has been my life for a long time now and my passion is to educate as many people as possible about the restorative healing powers of natural juicing and living a whole food plant-based lifestyle.