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Kuvings Cold Press Juicer parts are not dishwasher safe, so you will need to wash by hand.

Here’s a few handy tips to help make cleaning a breeze!


  1. All domestic juicers come with a ‘green cleaning brush’ and a ‘white toothbrush’ (see pic).
  2. The green brush slips over the strainer (the white toothbrush is for scrubbing the strainer manually).
  3. Turn back and forth under the running water to release the pulp and clean the strainer.
  4. Use the white toothbrush to scrub the insides if you need.

Pulp Jug

  1. Place a biodegradable bag inside the pulp jug, this will save you time from having to clean the pulp jug.
  2. Simply empty the bag and reuse, or throw the whole bag into the compost (if biodegradable).

Smart Cap

With the motor running, the ‘smart cap’ allows you to do a couple of really cool things…

  1. You can close the cap and pour water down the chute to give it an initial rinse and then release the cap to let the water out and then take it to the sink to rinse.
  2. You can also close the cap, pour water down the chute to fill the juicer bowl and then simply leave the cap closed, turn the juicer off and come back later and clean it.

Tip: If you use filtered water to rinse, you can drink this water – it is full of good nutrients (or, give it to your plants/pets – they will love it!)

Juicer Top

  1. Twist to unscrew from juicer bowl
  2. Rinse with water, set aside to dry

Auger / Screw

  1. Lift out of juicer bowl and remove any excess pulp with your white toothbrush
  2. Rinse with water, set aside to dry

Rotational Wiper

  1. Rinse with water
  2. Use your white toothbrush if you need to give it a bit of a scrub

Juicer Bowl

  1. Remove any pulp using the end of your white toothbrush
  2. Rinse with water, set aside to dry

Nature’s cleaning tools


Add a slice of lemon to your juicer after you have finished juicing. It will help push out any remaining pulp and give it an internal clean.


If you like juicing Turmeric (which stains everything it touches), add a couple of slices of orange (with peel) to remove the stickiness and stain that turmeric leaves behind. It will also give your juicer an internal clean!

“Help, it’s stuck!”

If you are having difficulty unlocking the juicer top from the bowl, it probably means you juiced your ingredients too fast. The easiest way to remedy this is to remove the whole top of the juicer from the base and place it into a laundry trough full of cold water. Let it soak for an hour or so and you will find you can unscrew the top easily, or use the ‘lid opener tool’ to unlock. Remember next time… let the juicer press the fruit and vegetables before adding more into the chute.