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How to assemble your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer

Are you the proud owner of a new Kuvings Juicer?

Welcome to the ‘assembly’ page, to help you understand what’s inside the box and how it all fits together.

The Parts

Regardless of your model, the parts that make up your Kuvings Cold Press Juicer are pretty much the same. The order in which you put them together is listed below:

  1. Juicing Bowl – with smart cap attached
  2. Rotation Wiper
  3. Strainer
  4. Auger / Screw – the press
  5. Juicing Top – with or without a flip gate lid
  6. Juicing Jug
  7. Pulp Jug
  8. Pusher
  9. Juicer base – this is what the juicer bowl sits on and contains the motor


Kuvings have a ‘red dot system’ to make assembly easy. Simply line up the red dots as follows:

  1. Start with the ‘juicing bowl’
  2. Place the ‘rotation wiper’ into the juicing bowl
  3. Next, place the ‘strainer’ inside the rotation wiper, lining up the ‘red dot’ with the juicing bowl
  4. Then place the ‘auger/screw’ inside the strainer (you should be able to turn the screw and move the rotation wipers with your hand)
  5. Next, place the ‘juicing top’ onto the bowl, lining up the ‘red dot’ with the juicing bowl
  6. Place this onto the ‘juicer base’ and you are ready to start juicing!