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Food Storage Bags

by Julianne Dowse | Sept 2020

So, what’s with the whole putting your food into a bag to store in the cupboard or fridge?

Is it just a novel idea, something that is good for the environment or does it actually work?

Well, I am a vegetarian foodie and we buy loads of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs.

We also try and buy organic to support this industry, so that means, we pay a little more for our fresh produce – so, the last thing you want is for any of this to go bad before you’ve had a chance to use it.

Up ‘til now, we have always put things into plastic containers or washed the produce in apple cider vinegar and into the crisper in the fridge.

But, Kuvings released these little food storage bags and so, we thought we’d give them a go!

I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of them or not.

Over the years, we have played with various food storage bags, wraps and pouches and mostly, they haven’t really lived up to the hype.

Up ‘til now.

Kuvings Smart Bags

I love the Kuvings food storage bags, they are easy to use and keep clean and honestly, they keep your fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs FRESH – fancy that!

I also used them for storing rice crackers and corn chips and two weeks on and they are still as fresh as when I first opened the packet – now that is impressive to say the least!!!!

So, if you like your fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs to remain FRESH, and your crackers to remain CRUNCHY – then, I highly recommend you invest in a couple of packs of ‘Smart Bags’ as they really do work.

The SMART BAGS pack contains all three sizes:

  • 4 x small red bags
  • 3 x medium yellow bags
  • 3 x large green bags

They are eco-friendly, washable, reusable and store easily in your kitchen drawer and trust me, you will find all sorts of great uses for them!

Julianne Dowse

Julianne Dowse

Guest Blogger for Kuvings Australia


I wrote a book – it’s called A Foodie’s Guide to Juice Fasting to help people do a 7 day juice fast. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I know what it’s like to go without the very thing you love the most and so…I feel I have a lot to offer as most people don’t think they can go without food, let alone fast!

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