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De-Liver Lunch Juice Recipe

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Juice Recipes, Lunch Juice


I really love the dark green colour of this juice. You can almost feel the health benefits just by looking at the colour. However, don’t be put off because the taste is delicious, sweet, and a little herbal flavour from the parsley.


  • 3 handfuls spinach
  • 6 golden delicious apples
  • 1 handful parsley
  • 1 lemon 

Juicing Time: 4 mins 
Juice Qty: 850ml
Serves: 3

Apple a Day ingredients

Health Benefits

Liver and Colon.

I named this recipe De-Liver as it certainly delivers lots of powerful nutrients directly to your Liver.

A healthy Liver needs lots of greens and one of the best way to get more greens into the diet is to juice them.

It is well known that a high chlorophyll diet (eating lots of greens) promotes detoxification of the liver and colon. So make sure you get plenty of greens.

The Vitamin K from in dark leafy greens also promotes healthy liver function by aiding in converting glucose into glycogen for storage in the liver.

One handful (or 1/2 cup) of parsley in this recipe has 10% of your iron daily requirements plus parsley has the vitamin C your body also needs to absorb that iron.

The lemon acts as a cleanser and astringent; it squeezes toxins from the tissues and stimulates the liver to detoxify.

Happy Juicing!



  • Remove the stems and remove any stickers
  • Juice apples whole with skin and seeds.
  • Cut in half or quarters if too big to fit into the wide chute.


  • Wash well to remove dirt and grit
  • Roughly chop leaves, stems and root


  • Roughly chop leaves and stems


  • Remove stickers and cut off any hard end points
  • Slice lemons into rounds with skin on to give more flavour and get more juice from each lemon.
Apple a day preparation


With the cap closed on the juicer start this recipe with the parsley. The herb will coat the inside of the press and pick up lots more nutrients as each ingredient passes through.

Next put in the 3 handfuls of spinach one at a time. You may need to use your pusher to get them down onto the press.

You won’t be getting a lot of juice yet so put a coupe of apples in and let the juice mix with the greens.

Release the cap and finish juicing the rest of the apples.

Finish the juice with the lemon slices as they will push everything nicely through the press.


Tip: use green apples if golden delicious are not available in your area. I like curly parsley as it is darker in colour however flat leaf parsley will also work but will give a more robust  flavour.

Apple A Day Juice Recipe
Gary Dowse

Gary Dowse

Master Juice Chef, Kuvings Australia


Gary is a powerhouse in the world of juicing and plant-based nutrition, driven by an unwavering passion for health and wellness. With certifications in natural juice therapy and whole food plant-based nutrition, Gary is a dedicated educator, empowering individuals to harness the transformative benefits of juicing and plant-based eating.

Through his enlightening books and dynamic online courses, Gary champions the preventative and restorative healing powers of embracing a lifestyle rich in vibrant juices and whole, plant-based foods.

His mission is to inspire and guide others on their journey to optimal health and vitality.

Disclaimer: information contained in this post is for educational purposes only, sourced from various books and websites. If you do anything recommended without the supervision of a licensed medical doctor, you do so at your own risk. The author, Gary Dowse, does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly.

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