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Compare Kuvings Vacuum Blenders

To help you decide on which Kuvings Vacuum Blender to buy we have put together this comparison page to help you identify which is blender is best for your needs.

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SV400  vs  SV500 

The SV400 is a 4th Generation, which has the new feature of a heat mode for soups or warm smoothies. The SV400 Vacuum Blender has a smaller blending jug that makes 2 servings and the SV400 storage tumblers are optional extra at $59 each.

The SV500 does not have the heating mode and is a 3rd Generation model. The SV500 has a bigger blending jug and is classified commercial. The SV500 includes 2 storage tumblers.  You would say this is for a bigger family.

They both have the same power motor and simple press start auto blend modes. Both are quieter than the average blender as the dome covering the jug conceals the noise.

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World’s Healthiest Blender

Less Oxidation. More Nutrition.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum blending mode
  • Noise reduction cover
  • Super strong power motor
  • Self Cleaning mode
  • Soup mode
  • 7 Years Warranty
  • Made in Korea (since 1978)
kuvings evo820 juicer


Healthier lifestyle within a vacuum

Key Features:

  • The Magic of a vacuum
  • Powerful Motor
  • Noise Reduction Cover
  • Vacuum tumbler (Additional components)
  • One-touch auto button (vacuum/auto/auto blending)
  • My Variable Speed (RPM) Control
  • co-fiendly tritan container (BPA-Free)
  • Safety systems
  • Triple 3D Moving Blades
kuvings vacuum blender
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