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Commercial Blending

Just Got Easier




Commercial Blender Features

smart cap

Super Quiet

Automatic open/close the soundproof cover for quiet blending.

88mm wide mouth

One Touch Blending

With just one touch, you can have the base for your Acai Bowl made without tampering.

powerful 200w motor

Vacuum Technology

In just 7 seconds, your ingredients can be vacuumed to maintain nutrients and colour.

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Available in 2 Models

With Fast Vacuum Technology or Without

Commercial Blender

Commercial Blender (with vacuum)

RRP $3295
On Sale $2495

cs600 chef commercial juicer

Commercial Blender (no vacuum)

RRP  $2795
On Sale $1995

commercial juicer whole fruit

Safety Senor Feature

Detects if the container is securely on the base.

Convenient Pre-set Menu Buttons

Another great feature is being able to choose from 5 pre-programmed menu buttons and 37 recipe settings to quickly make any order.

cold press commercial

Make an Acai Bowl in Under 60 secs!

Amazing! No more time-consuming tamper usage. Set your programmed menu. Walk away and your smoothie bowl is ready in less than 1 minute.

Benefits of Vacuum Blending

More Antioxidants!

In just one touch, air is removed before the blend cycle begins, delivering drinks that last longer, taste fresher, and contain less foam and separation.

*Studies show that vacuum blending provides 1.5~2.4 times more antioxidants than non-vacuumed blends.

Resulting in a better tasting, more nutritious juice for your customers!

*source: Journal of Plant Biotechnology, 48(4): 2





Commercial Blender Features

Kuvings Commercial Blenders bring the benefits of customised menu options and one-touch automated blending to the world of the professional chef or caterer. 

Key Features

  • Designed Specifically for Commercial Blending
  • Safety Sensor, detects if the container is securely on the base
  • Quick Start button, fully automated system
  • Soundproof enclosure, drastically reduces the noise of blending
  • Convenient pre-sets, 5 pre-programmed buttons and 37 recipe settings can quickly make any order
  • More Nutrients & More Flavour
  • International Brand with their own factory
  • Made in Korea with high quality components
  • Excellent Warranty and Customer Service
commercial juicer australia

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