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Vacuum Blender Tips

If you are new to Kuvings and Vacuum Blending then here are a few simple tips every owner needs to know.

Order of Ingredients

  1. Liquids – (water, juice)
  2. Dry ingredients – (grains, powders)
  3. Soft ingredients – (leafy greens, fruits)
  4. Hard ingredients – (veggies)
  5. Ice & frozen ingredients last

Placing liquid and dry ingredients at the bottom of the jug allows the vacuum pump to work more efficiently and the blades to blend a more consistent texture.

When to use Auto-Blending 

Kuvings takes the guess work out of blending smoothies with the auto-blending function. If you have a trusted smoothie recipe with the correct quantity of ingredient then choose the auto-blend function and let the programmed cycle do the work for you.


Chop Less Blend More

Kuvings vacuum blenders are equipped with 1500W super power motor to blend ingredients quickly and smoothly.

High speed blending grinds the texture finely so you don’t have to chop up all the ingredients much smaller than about 1 quarter of an apple.

Long skinny ingredients like carrot and celery can be add in long strips.

Allow the power of the high speed motor and 6 blades to do the work for you!

Minimum and Maximum Volume

Kuvings vacuum blenders have a minimum and maximum volume of ingredients placed in the jug order to blend to perfection.

Always make sure the blades are covered and don’t over fill ingredients especially if using the vacuum and auto-blend function.

The user manuals for each model will show the correct minimum and maximum capacity for blending.

When to use the vacuum cover

The vacuum cover is used when you are making a smoothie or blending a juice and you know the recipe needs no further adjustments.

The easily detachable vacuum cover is placed over the blender jug and you hit the auto blend and vacuum button and let the blender do the work.

You don’t use the vacuum cover when you are using the tamper (like when making frozen desserts and nut butters) or when you might need to add more liquid as you go through the removable inner lid.

You can use the cover after you have made a recipe to vacuum out the air if you want to store what you have made in the vacuum tumblers.

You can also use the cover to reduce the noise generated when blending.

Heat up your soups

All Kuvings vacuum blenders are suitable for heating soup recipes by using the manual speed dial running a full speed for 6-8 mins.

Heat generated by high-speed rotation can be cooked up to 75 degrees to warm up a variety of dishes.

On the SV400 model you can set the manual dial to soup which runs the blender at high speed for 6 mins and 30 seconds.