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NEW B8000 Green Colour

The Domestic Kuvings B8000 Cold Press Juicer Now comes in stylish green colour.

B8000 Grey

The original. Includes Sorbet Maker

RRP $599. On Sale $499

B8000 Kuvings Juicer

B8000 Green

New Colour. Limited Edition.

RRP $599. On Sale $499

Kuvings SV400 Vacuum Blender

B8000 Black

Popular Colour. Limited Edition.

RRP $599. On Sale $499

Kuvings SV400 Vacuum Blender

Recipe Book

Get the digital versions with both Green & Black models or add the book for only $10.

Full colour recipe book with over 100 cold-pressed juices, sorbet, and smoothie recipes.

Main Features

The Domestic models are theΒ Entry LevelΒ Cold Press Juice machines. There is some pulp in the juice, you need to cut the veggies up smaller and feed the machine slower. This machine is not recommended for someone who is doing lots of juicing. The B8000 model does require the pusher to push whole fruits down past the safety fin in the feeding chute.

B8000 Kuvings Juicer

Sleek Design

Wide Chute

Strong Screw

choice 2020

Choice Recommended

b8000 sorbet maker included

BPA FREE Material

Sorbet Maker (optional)

Nut Milk Kuvings B8000

Easily Makes Nut Milks

Cleaning Brushes Incuded

B8000 Juicer Reviews

A Proven Performer

With its heavy-duty motor, strong design, and amazing juices say it all. Proven to be great value for money over the last decade.


vacuum storage tumbler


Shop a range of optional accessories for the B8000 domestic cold press juicer and make the most of your purchase.

kuvings blender spare part

Spare Parts

All parts are available at our warehouse in Sydney. The warranty is 7 years. Have you registered?

B8000 Lunch Juice Recipe

Our Juice Master Gary Dowse is serving lunch with this ABC juice recipe!

Lunch is served!

Gary’s ABC Lunch Juice recipe is packed full of green goodness & will leave you full of energy.

5 green apple
1 broccoli head
2 celery stalks
2 cucumbers


Juice the cucumber first because they are the softest ingredient. Let the machine chew each piece before adding the next one.

Next, slowly add the broccoli, letting the machine grind through the hard stem and florets.

Now you can juice the celery one handful at a time, letting the machine chew through all the

Finish with the whole apples to really push through all the ingredients.

Easy To Clean

One thing we love about Kuvings Cold Press
Juicers is just how easy they are to clean!

They all come with a unique to Kuvings, green cleaning tool, and a white toothbrush to make the job of cleaning the juicer super easy.

Here’s our Juice Master Gary to show you how
simple & easy it is…!

Kuvings Green Cleaning Brush
Why Kuvings?

Our focus is on health and nutrition. Our machines maximise the nutrients and minimise the oxidation exposure. Kuvings brand is anΒ International award winner for design and innovation.

Made in Korea

We are one of the leading manufacturers in Korea (think Samsung, LG, Hyundai) of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutritionally minded consumers since 1978.

20 Year Warranty

All Kuvings cold press juicers come with an amazing 20 years on the motors, and 5 years warranty on parts and labour.

Note:- the strainer is classified as a consumable part and is not covered under our parts warranty unless is a DOA.

Taste the Difference

According to Food Industry & Nutrition, there is no better way to absorb vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from fruit and vegetables than by drinking fresh-pressed juice.

Taste the Difference with a Kuvings Juicer and join the Revolution for Good Health.

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Check out the B8000 Cold Press Juicer in action!

Feel your best with a freshly pressed juice from Kuvings! 😍

Are you looking to make juices daily with minimal pulp? Our B8000 Domestic Juicer might be for you!

Enjoy an extra 10% off with the code β€˜FY10%22’. 🌟

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Limited time remains on our Mother’s Day Sale! 🌷
Just for Mum, receive a FREE sorbet & smoothie attachment with our B8000 Domestic Cold Press Juicer*, now only $499!
Save $189 with our special offer! Shop at the link in bio. πŸ’–
*available with green & black models only.

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Share the love of health and wellness with Mum this year thanks to Kuvings! πŸ’•

Our signature B8000 Domestic Cold Press Juicer is now $499*! Plus receive a free sorbet & smoothie attachment, saving you $189. πŸ‰

Shop this limited time offer at the link in bio.

*available with green & black models only.

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Whether you’re just starting out on your juicing journey, or a juicing pro, we love to hear how you use your Kuvings! 🧑

Want to find out if our B8000 Domestic Juicer is right for you? Send our team a DM! πŸ’Œ

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Having trouble juicing celery? Make sure to cut small, thumb size pieces for ease of juicing! πŸ’š

We loved using our B8000 Domestic Juicer to juice celery, apple, grapes and coriander! Learn more about our entry-level juicer at the link in bio.

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