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Welcome to Kuvings Affiliates

Our affiliate programs can help people monetize their networks simply by promoting Kuvings products, writing content or by being a brand ambassador and linking directy to our website.

We provide all our affiliates partners with real-time tracking and regular monthly payments.


How does it works?


1. Join

Fill out the affiliate application form below to request approval to become an affiliate.

2. Share

Get access to a unique referral link and range of promotional materials to share.

3 Earn

Get paid commission for every sale received via any of our affiliate program options.

Are you a good fit?

Kuvings affiliate programs are ONLY the perfect match for you if …
You love our using our products and sharing the message of cold pressed juicing, blending and living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.

All affiliates will be subject to approval by Kuvings Australia.

Why be an Affiliate with Kuvings?

 Here’s 7 reasons why partnering with Kuvings as an affiliate makes good sense!

Passive income

While any “regular” job requires you to be at work to make money, being an affiliate offers you the ability to make money while you sleep. You set your own hours and effort and the more you put in (blogs you write, referrals you provide etc..) the more chance you will receive money for your work, long after you’ve finished it.


Customer support

Kuvings looks after all of the customer service. As an affiliate, you don’t need to be concerned with customer support or satisfaction – leave that to us, we are the experts!

The entire job of you as an affiliate is to link the seller with the consumer. The seller deals with any consumer complaints after you receive your commission from the sale.

Work from home

If you’re someone who loves their freedom and enjoys working from within their own space, then being an affiliate will suit you down to the ground! You’ll be able to write content, refer people and basically promote Kuvings all from the comfort of your own home. This is something you can easily do without ever getting out of your pajamas.


Convenient and flexible

As an affiliate, you get ultimate independence in setting your own goals, redirecting your path when you feel so inclined, choosing the products to promote that interest you, and even determining your own hours.

Performance-Based rewards

Affiliate’s get paid on their performance. You’ll get from it what you put into it. Honing your reviewing skills and writing engaging content will translate to direct improvements in your revenue. You’ll finally get paid for the outstanding work you do!


The Power of SEO

People naturally look for information online. That’s why you should learn the basics of how to do ‘on-page’ SEO, keyword research and link building to be the information source they find first. Who wouldn’t want their website to rank #1 in Google for a key word search?

Kuvings Affiliate Programs

Referral Affiliate

A referral affiliate is someone who personally makes a recommendation and refers a product/brand that they love (i.e. makes a referral).

Are you the next Kuvings Referral?

  • Do you love telling your family and friends about Kuvings products?
  • Do you have a large following that you would like to provide discount (referral) codes to so they can benefit from a cheaper price?


Guest Blogger

A Blogger is someone who has the ability to rank organically in search engine queries.

Are you the next Kuvings Blogger?

  • Do you enjoy writing blogs, recipes or article that promote Kuvings products? And can you write in such a way that drives traffic and/or coverts to sales?
  • Are you an influencer, spreading the word about the value of Kuvings?

Brand Ambassador

A Brand Ambassador is someone who holds the power to impact the purchasing decisions of a large segment of the population.

Are you the next Kuvings Brand Ambassador?

  • Do you already boast an impressive following that aligns to Kuvings values (plant-based, healthy eating and lifestyle, juicing/blending)?
  • Is it easy for you to direct traffic to Kuvings products through social media posts, blogs, and other interactions with your followers?

Guest Blogger - Julianne Dowse

As a Kuvings guest blogger I get to share my passion for writing and my message about juicing for health.

I did a 7 day juice fast and wrote a book about it.

In my book I talked about Kuvings cold press juicers because I love using their products. Now as a guest blogger I can share my experience of cold press juicing on the Kuvings website and I can earn a commission for writing and sharing my experience.

– Julianne Dowse
Author of “A Foodies Guide to Juice Fasting”


Got any questions ? Maybe we already have it answered…

Does it cost anything to be an affiliate?

Nope! Signing up and participating as a Kuvings affiliate is completely free. Plus, there are no minimum sales required to earn commission.

Do I need to be a Kuvings customer?

Yes and No. We would love it if you used Kuvings products yourself, but you are not required to own a Kuvings product to be a part of the Affiliate 1 referral program.

What do i need to do to sign up?

Simply fill out the affiliate form to get started. We will then reach out to you via the email provided and let you know if you are approved. Please all 24hrs for us to contact you.

What are the affiliate program policies?

Click here to read the affiliate program agreement and affiliate program policies.

Got more questions?

Contact Gary: [email protected]

I will be happy to answer your questions!

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