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Juice Fasting

3-Day Digital Program

This is a self-guided digital juice cleansing program that you can begin at any time.

juice cleanse program

what do you get?

Beginners Guide to Juice Cleansing

be properly prepared to complete a successful juice cleanse


Menu Plan

breakfast, lunch, and dinner juices in a one page plan you can print out

Shopping List

makes shopping for your produce easy with this one-page shopping list

3-day Cleansing Program

a full 3-day program to help you successfully complete your juice cleanse

Delicious Juice Recipes

included in the Program are delicious juice recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Healthy Eating Guide

be inspired to continue your healthy eating habits after your cleanse with our Whole Food Medicine Guide

PLUS Free Bonuses!

#1 Join the Community Group

you will get private access to the Kuvings Juice Cleanse Community Group for additional support and to ask questions, share information and experiences

#2 Online Juicing Course

access to Level 1 of the Kuvings Online Cold Press Juicing Course, perfect for anyone new to juicing or who has a Kuvings Cold Press Juicer

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Juice Cleansing helps you…

boost your immunity

reduce inflammation

lose weight

sleep better

release emotions

reduce toxic overload

A quick word from Our juice chef!

The festive season has finished, holidays are over and we all want to leave 2021 behind us. There is no better time than now to Reset your Mind and Body by doing a short 3-day juice cleanse.

Juice cleansing or juice fasting is when you consume nothing but freshly made juice for a short period of time (anything from 1 – 7 days or even a 10-day cleanse). It is time out from your standard eating routine, to give your body an opportunity to do what it does best – cleanse itself !!!

A 3-day juice cleanse is great for a quick reset. If you want to go 6 or 9 days, then I suggest you repeat the 3-day program. I do however recommend if you want to go longer than 10 days that you ensure you have some proper support and/or guidance from a health coach who is trained in juicing and cleansing.

I have added plenty of great tips and tricks on how to make the most of your juice cleanse. As always, trust your own inner guidance on what feels right for you.

Remember, it is just as important what you do after your juice cleanse as the cleanse itself. It’s critical for your health and healing that you take the time to break your fast properly and build yourself back up slowly especially after doing a longer cleanse.

The 3-day juice cleansing program guide and Healthy Eating Guide will support you both before and after the program so you can continue the good work long after you have finished juice cleansing.

3-Day Juice Cleanse program
by Gary Dowse – Master Juice Chef

How does it work?

follow these 3 simple steps

1. Before

Preparation is a key ingredient to successfully completing a juice cleanse. There are several steps we recommend in our 3-day juice cleansing guide that will help you get prepared physically and mentally to do the cleanse.

2. During

Juice cleansing is NOT about going without food in fact it is the exact opposite. During the 3-days you will feed, nourish and hydrate your body with an abundance of healthy fruits, herbs, and vegetables. We have hints, tips to help you through, and plenty of guidance available from the Facebook community page.

3. After

After you successfully complete the 3-day program we recommend you follow a healthy eating plan that supports healing and continues to fuel your body with the same nutrition you receive from the plants when you have been juicing. The healthy eating guide has a food MAP to help get you started.

Bonus #1

Join the Community

Before you start the program you will be invited to join our private Kuvings Cleanse Community on Facebook.

Ask Questions

learn from our experienced team

Get Support

reach out and receive help as you need it

Share Your Experience

tell your story and help other people on their path

Help Others

 share your kind wisdom to help others

Bonus #2

Level 1 – Online Juicing Course

Join our Master Juice Chef, Gary Dowse, in the world’s-first
Kuvings online cold press juicing course.

40+ Cold Press Juice Recipes

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes – you will soon be making delicious juices for your whole family

Fruit & Vegetable Preparation

Learn the tips and hints from Master Juice Chef Gary Dowse on how to prepare your produce for juicing in a cold press juicer

2 Lessons, 10 Topics

Lifetime access to recipes and lessons that help you get familiar with using a cold-press juicer

Cleaning and Storage Tips

Tips for cleaning your juicer and how best to store the juice when you make it in bulk

Okay, I am ready to Juice Fast!

Program FAQ’s

What’s included?

This is a self-guided digital program that you can begin at any time. It includes 5 pdf downloadable files.

  • Beginners Guide to Juice Cleansing
  • 3-day Juice Cleanse Program
  • Menu Plan
  • Shopping List
  • Wholefoods – healthy eating guide

Do I need a juicer?

Yes, for best results a cold press juicer is recommended however any juicer will work. You cannot do the program with a blender as juice cleansing requires you to eliminate the pulp.

Can anybody do a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleansing is a safe and healthy option for most people, however if you have concerns please consult a licensed healthcare practitioner, particularly if you have an existing health condition.

Can I exercise when doing a juice cleanse?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you walk each day (or do some light exercise). Movement helps the body flush out toxins easily. And, walking helps with bowel movements and keeps the lymphatic fluids flowing. Remember, sweating is one of the channels of elimination, so if you work up a bit of a sweat you will be excreting toxins through the pores of the skin.

Can I stop taking medication?

If you are taking medication it is recommended you consult with your health care practitioner about stopping medication during the Juice Cleanse Program.

Will I feel cold?

Rug up and go for a walk. This will help you warm up and get the blood pumping. If the sun is out finding a quiet place to sit in the sun and absorb the natural warmth that the sun provides. You can drink hot herbal teas anytime during the program especially ginger tea as it naturally warms the body.

Will I get hungry?

Most people feel completely satisfied with the amount of juice included each day in the program. If you do feel hungry, try drinking a large glass of water as you may just be thirsty. If you still feel hungry you can make some more juice as there is no limit to the amount of juice you can have. Listen to your body and drink more juice if you desire.

As a last resort, if the need to chew something (or the hunger is too intense) I recommend you grab a piece of fruit (apple, banana or some berries) and satisfy the intense desire then continue the Juice Cleanse Program.

How do I get access to the Program?

After purchase, you will be sent an email with all of the links to download each eBook.

juice cleanse program

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